Year 3 

Welcome to Year 3

2022/23 Academic Year

 Welcome to the wonderful world of Key Stage 2. Year 3! Mrs Thompson and Miss Hurst are the class teachers.  Mrs Wilkinson, teaching assistant, is there to support both classes. 

In Year 3, we teach children how to become responsible and independent members of our school, learning lots of new skills along the wayOf course, it is important that we have LOTS of fun as we learn, and we have some exciting learning opportunities to help us do as well as a range of engaging subjects to broaden our knowledge! 

Throughout Year 3, we will continue to build on what they have already learned in KS1, build good friendships and continue to make good choices. 

News and updates 

3 May Half-Term Homework Over the half-term holidays, we would like you to support your child in completing one of the following homework tasks that relate to our current Theme (Our Valley) and Science (Plants) topics: 

Please send the homework back to school by Wednesday 7th June so that your child can share what they have done with the rest of the class in Theme on Friday 9th June and Science on Monday 12th June. Photographs can be emailed to

4th May 2023 

Today, children from year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their walk through Fox Glenn Park, the planned outing linked to their English work where they have been learning about  Stocksbridge Frost Dragon.

After creating their own dragon they will be writing their own chronological report and will be using the walk as inspiration for a suitable habit for a dragon!

Year 3 would like to say a huge thank you to the very kind and thoughtful families, who spent time decorating pebbles and then hid them in the Glen for the children to find on their walk today.

The children loved finding them and this act of kindness made the outing extra special.

Our Changing World is a unit of science which is looked at each year and monitors the changes in the environment.

We are very fortunate to have our own orchard which we can visit and classes have already observed first hand the impact of the changes of the seasons on the trees and discussed what stage of the life cycle it is in.     

Now Spring has arrived, we have visited the orchard and noticed that many of the trees are now in blossom. 

Regular visits to this science topic will be made throughout the year and we cannot wait to return in September when hopefully we will have a bumper harvest of fruit.

In a school environment, playing board games has many benefits for children of all ages, from helping to develop their visual alertness to boosting their language development, and teaches them little life lessons.

Today, saw the last of our Game Cafes for this term when carers and family members were invited to come along and have fun whilst playing a range of games with us. 

We would like to thank everyone who has joined us over the last four weeks and we hope that you have enjoyed the Cafes as much as we have.


The entries for our best decorated egg competition were fantastic and it is clear that a huge amount of effort has gone into all of the eggs. It was a really difficult job for us to judge.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Science Day

On 13th March,  we celebrated Science Week at school by having a Science day. The children were given lots of opportunities to experience 'hands on' Science experiments during the course of the day. We also had a number of year 5 and 6 children running science experiments with their peers during lunchtime.

The day was a huge success and encouraged our children to develop a passion for science that hopefully they will take with them as they progress through school.

Tuesday 7th March 

Some excellent examples of balance positions by our year 3 children in their recent PE lesson.  

We had a fabulous time at Thornbridge Hall. All the children were exceptionally well behaved throughout the visit.  It was amazing to watch them challenge themselves out of their comfort zones. We hope they have created memories that will last a lifetime! 

Linking to our current theme of Ancient Egypt, we have mimicked the Ancient Egyptian mummification process using a tomato. We sliced the side of the fruit, scooped out the seeds, dried and sanitised the hull then packed it with a 2 to 1 mixture of bicarbonate of soda and table salt. 

Based on what they have learned,  they will also be writing a set of instructions on how to do this in their English lessons.

Update - 17th April 

On Monday, they observed the tomatoes to find that the salt had dried the tomatoes and prevented them from going rotten. 

Autumn Term 2022

13th December 2022

We had a fabulous time at our Christmas party this afternoon

Friday 17th November 

Great to see so parents joining us this afternoon for our year 3 Reading Cafe.

The aim of the 'Cafe' is to help foster a love of reading both at home and at school and to encourage ALL children to read for pleasure.

Children who read for pleasure have enhanced levels of text comprehension, an increased knowledge of grammar, show improvement in their writing and attainment levels.

Tuesday 15th November 

As part of International Faith Week, year 3 took part in a zoom with Huw Thomas, Shahida Siddique, Ruchika Julka and children from other schools, where they spoke about Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. 

Friday 4th November 

We have been extremely impressed with the homework that the children have created over the half-term holiday.

Today, children got to share their Europe based work with the rest of the year.

Their amazing work is now on display in class. 

Thank you to parents and carers for your support!

3rd November 2022

With the help of place value counters, children in year 3 are starting to learning the standard written method for subtraction. 

3rd November 2022

Linking to our new text in  English,  we have been exploring Paris by virtually visiting the Gare du Nord. 

Using rainbow writing cards to help them understand what they would see, smell hear, how they would feel and what they would be thinking if they were there!

This half term, our science topic is Amazing Bodies. In a recent lesson, children learned about the different food groups and how they help the body to function.

14th October 2022 

In PE, we have linked our dance lessons to our theme lessons - Europe. Over recent lessons, we have been learning the Flamenco. Today, they have worked in groups to incorporated what they have learned into a short dance routine!

In a recent English lesson we have been learning how to use thesaurus to help us expland our vocabulary in our writing.