Health & Safety

It is one of our prime responsibilities to keep all our children safe. We strive to ensure a safe environment but it is vital that all children obey all school rules which are designed to ensure safety and order in our school.

The school is well maintained and monitored by staff designated as safety officers and by the Headteacher. All staff are instructed to challenge adults and older children who are either in school or on the grounds. Our excellent record can be upheld if the following points are followed:- 



Children are not permitted to:

• Leave the school premises during school hours
• Play near the boundary fences or the school car park
• Go into stockrooms
• Use the first aid boxes
• Remain in school during breaks (unless directed by a member of staff)
• Wear offensive or inappropriate clothing and footwear

It is important that you report to the school office via the main entrance. You will be asked to wait in the entrance foyer whilst we fetch your child for you. Parents should not enter class through the cloakrooms and are not allowed to walk freely around school. Whilst you are known to your child’s teacher, you may not be known to other members of staff.

Children are expected to make their own way into school from the gates via the appropriate classroom door. If children are waiting by the school gates at ‘home time’ and no one arrives to collect them please teach them to go back into school. Children are safe and secure in school and there are school staff around to reassure them until someone arrives to collect them.

Children must use the pedestrian walkways. No child should go onto the driveway and car parking areas. We cannot guarantee the safety of, or accept responsibility for, any child using the latter. It is a very busy main entrance.