Year 5


2023/24 Academic Year


Welcome to year 5! In year 5, we aim to provide an inclusive environment where children are able to develop a love of learning, challenge themselves to take risks and develop their resilience. There are two classes in Year 5, Mrs Bell and Mrs Bradwell, who job share, and Miss Woods-Booth are the class teachers.

Together, we are keeping the children on their toes, challenging their learning, corroborating with their ideas, encouraging them in their strengths and supporting each child as they demonstrate determination, perseverance and resilience, in order to make the very best of themselves and their personal progress. And, who could forget – having fun along the way! There’s always a surprise never too far away when you’re in year 5.

Year Group Contact Email

We appreciate that it may be hard for parents to be able to contact us when we are often in class and parents are at work. To this end we have set up email accounts for each year group which will be accessed by the relevant staff members in response to any pertinent queries you may have regard your child’s learning. We will endeavor to respond as soon as possible.


Year Group Emails

As part of our extra-curricular activities, Y5 will be going on a two-night residential to YHA Loosehill Hall in Castleton from Wednesday 12th June 2024 to Friday 14th June 2024.

Loosehill Hall creates unique opportunities for young people to explore, grow and revel in the glorious great outdoors. Engaging students with real, hands-on experiences and extraordinary learning opportunities in the most inspiring and spectacular location. During this 2-night residential experience, students (or ‘agents’ as they will be referred to) will be put through their paces as they hone their skills at a variety of action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled activities, as well as a number of spy skills unique to our YHA Alex Rider Classified Mission. Agents will be encouraged to climb, jump, leap and step forward into new challenges as they gain new skills, build confidence and enjoy an all-encompassing learning experience. Abseil or climb on ‘real’ rock, learn essential field craft skills, canoe or raft across lakes, design new spy gadgets, crack codes and hunt down double agents. There are bags of exhilarating activities, guaranteed to keep them entertained.

The cost of the residential will be approximately £197 and this will include the cost of the coach, accommodation and food as well as experienced staff to deliver a range of activities.

Further details will be sent nearer the time but if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via the school office.

Installment Payment Schedule

Payment for the Y5 residential will be collected in 6 instalments as follows:

Instalment 1- £32.83 to be paid by 31 October 2023.

Instalment 2 – £32.83 to be paid by 30 November 2023.

Instalment 3 – £32.83 to be paid by 31 January 2024.

Instalment 4 – £32.83 to be paid by 29 February 2024.

Instalment 5 – £32.83 to be paid by 31 March 2024.

Instalment 6 – £32.85 to be paid by 30 April 2024.

Total – £197

Payment is now available via your child’s ParentPay account.

Year 5 – News and Updates – Autumn Term 2023-24

Here are Y5MWB’s finished emoji teddies!
They have designed the emoji themselves and used a range of stitches: running, cross and blanket to add details and secure.
Tons of effort and focus have gone into these – well done. 

Thank you to all who donated shoe boxes. We have now finished their biomes and proudly presented them to the class last week!

25th March 

Today, in Year 5, the children have started a DT project which is to design and sew an emoji stuffed toy. They have chosen which emotion they want to create and then thought about suitable shapes for the eyes and mouth. The children must now use a range of stitches, running stitch, back stitch and blanket stitch to make their final creations. Well done for persevering today as cutting out the shapes was very tricky. We’ll show you our final designs later this week!

20th March 2024
Yesterday, children were absolutely buzzing about their virtual reality sessions at school.
They went on an incredible journey exploring the Amazon, travelling back to The Stoneage and discovering facts about Volcanoes, giving them all an immersive learning experience linked to our current themes in school.
We’re thrilled to see our children engaging with technology in such a meaningful and educational way.
7th March 2024
World Book day is a great opportunity for children to come together and celebrate the joy of reading. Sharing a book can foster a love for literature and encourage creativity and imagination.
Allowing children from across Royd and St John’s to come together to share a book helps to promote reading for pleasure as well as allowing the older children develop their leadership, nurturing and communication skills.
21st February 
Today, Mrs Bell’s class had lots of fun in computing where they learnt to connect a microcontroller and program it to light up an LED! Some children added a forever loop to keep it flashing constantly. Miss Woods-Booth was very impressed with how quick they picked it up!

Week commencing 5th February

This week, Y5 have developed their art skills, experimenting with materials and techniques. Today, they finished their final pieces. They have had lots of freedom when deciding what to use in creating their self-portrait and have had to carefully consider the atmosphere and message behind it.
They are all so unique; well done Y5MWB!
Week commencing 5th February
In  their Art lesson this week, the children in Y5HBSB have created a Poem Portrait.
This consisted of the children writing a poem about themselves in the outline of their face. They then chose a background choosing from watercolour, collage or card shapes to add detail to parts of the face.
The children really enjoyed this process and the results were really quite unique. Well done!

Y5 have enjoyed some survival skills lessons recently in preparation for writing a set of instructions about how to survive in the Amazon rainforest.

They had to guess which fruits were edible and match injuries to the correct treatments. Outside, they made their own shelter (a lean-to), made beds raised from the ground in order to not lose body heat and discussed how to create a fire. A fun, hands-on morning!

Monday 18th december
We have thoroughly enjoyed our Roman day today!
In the morning, we made their own ‘Marius Mules’ to carry their kit. They practised Roman army drills using shields and swords (particularly enjoying the testudo formation!). They also spent time making roman coins, signalling using flags, trying on Roman armour/clothing and using Roman-style weighing scales.
In the afternoon, they became Roman engineers, building arched bridges and firing catapults at targets. They also enjoyed playing a range of Roman games and creating an offering for the Gods.
We finished the day by firing the Onega catapult in the hall. A fun-filled, engaging day for all!

15th December

Last week Y5 had a special live virtual event with author Katherine Rundell. They listened intently as she discussed where she gets her ideas from. After Christmas, they will begin reading one of her best-selling books, The Explorer.

14th December
Miss Woods-Booth’s class have enjoyed designing their own websites this week. They have carefully considered their font choice, size, background and images. After Christmas they will be adding more information and hyperlinks. Well done Y5!
We had lots of fun Thursday afternoon when they finally got to fire their catapults! We will test in the hall at a later date to see which catapult can fire the furthest… 
Miss Woods-Booth has been so impressed with the Autumn half-term homework from her class. Well done to the children on their creativity and effort!

PE – Autumn Term 2

Hockey is a great way for children to get active. It helps them develop strength, agility, and endurance while having fun.
It also helps with co-ordination skills and team work.
Hockey forms part of our PE curriculum and this week we are practising our ball control and dribbling skills.

19th October 2023

Over the last couple of days Y5 have been making catapults. They have looked at the history of catapults and labelled the different parts. They then got to work cutting, measuring and assembling.

Thank you very much to all our parent helpers! Every group has now finished. They are very excited to test them out after half-term

Week commencing 16th October 

In a recent science lesson we used Oreos to recreate the different phases of the moon.

They then enjoyed eating them after!

17th October

During an art afternoon, children in year 5 drew lines to divide their sketchbook into four and then tried to replicate a section of an image by selecting from a range of materials.

They took time to consider how they could recreate the colours, textures, lines and shapes.

Great work year 5!

3rd October 

Today, we had a very special visit from a Professor from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Sheffield. He spoke to the children about the Solar System, the space station, space suits and much more. They thoroughly enjoyed the talk, learning lots and asking interesting questions! 

29th September 2023

Today, we enjoyed our first Maths Measures Day of this academic year, where children got to build on their understanding of measurement in a fun and hands on way.

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and carers who joined us this morning. We hope you enjoyed the morning as much as we did.

25th September 2023 

In science, Year 5 are learning about the Sun, Earth and Moon. Yesterday, we investigated why we have day and night. We used globes and a torch, which represented the Sun, to understand how as the Earth spins on its axis, it rotates which creates night and day. In the UK, it is day time when we are facing the Sun and as we rotate away from the Sun it is night time. We had fun modelling this and trying to explain what is happening. 

8th September 2023

During transition week, we started sketching self portraits. Over the course of this week, the portraits have been finished and will now be going on display.