School Uniform

Children need to wear school uniform.

It is our intention to change the uniform at Deepcar St John’s this year. This would not be an immediate change for all but would be phased in over three years so parents that have the old uniform can continue to use it in September 2022 up until August 2025. Due to this the old uniform is no longer available to order from School Trends.

The new uniform is as follows:

Royal blue school sweater/cardigan with logo

Pale blue/white polo shirt either with or without the school logo

Grey skirt/pinafore/trousers or shorts

Blue gingham dress

Black shoes or trainers

Dark grey or black leggings may be worn by girls under skirts instead of tights in cold weather

White, dark grey or black socks and tights

Small stud earrings

A watch if desired

PE kit comprising of white t-shirt (plain or with logo), plain navy shorts/PE skirt and a pair

of jogging bottoms and sweater/hoodie. Black plimsolls for indoor use and trainers for

outdoor use.

For health and safety reasons long hair needs to be tied back and earrings removed. We are not allowed to assist in the removal of earrings and if they cannot be removed independently, unfortunately children will not be allowed to take part in the PE lesson.

The Old uniform, outlined below, may be worn until August 2025

Boys need to wear:

  • Plain navy blue trousers or shorts

  • A red polo shirt

  • A navy sweatshirt with the school name and logo.

Girls need to wear:

  • Plain navy blue skirts / pinafore dresses / trousers or shorts

  • A red polo shirt

  • A sweatshirt / cardigan in navy with the School name and logo.

The following is not permitted:

Tracksuit bottoms

Patterned tights or clothing


Navy cycling shorts for daily uniform

Leggings (worn alone with no skirt or dress)

Strappy shoes/sandals/crocs

Overly inappropriate head wear

Hoop or dangly earrings


Ordering of School Uniform.

Deepcar St John's uniform supplier is a Sheffield based company called School Trends. The use of this company is advantageous to parents as uniform can be ordered at any point throughout the school year and can either be delivered to St John's free of charge or for a small fee delivered direct to your door.

It is possible to order uniform as and when you require by ordering directly through the School Trends on line ordering facility at;

They aim for orders to be delivered within 14 days of the order being received and the payment made.

Please ensure all items of clothing and belongings are clearly labelled, as identification can be very difficult.

Children losing an item of clothing should try to find it straight away. It is much easier to find something on the day on which it has been lost. Parents can accompany their child either before or after school to have a look in the school's lost property box for missing items.

At the end of each half term, all lost property will be displayed.