Wonderful Me

We have a 'Wonderful Me Board' in the school hall, on which we proudly display our pupil's personal achievements for all to see. If your child has been awarded any certificates, medals or trophies out of school that you would like to share, send your child with them to school and we will take a picture to go on our board. Alternatively, you can email your pictures to n.pearce@deepcar-st-johns.sheffield.sch.uk

2021/2022 Wonderful Me Children

This year 3 has just passed his 50 metre distance in swimming. Great achievement. Well done.

Well done to this year 5, who has just passed her level 3 in her swimming lessons.

Brilliant news! This year 4 has just completed his 25 metre distance swim and has brought his certificate into school to share with us.

Well done - keep it up!

This year 5 is very proud of her medal that she was awarded at the weekend for completing a 5km charity race.

Well done on such a fantastic achievement.

This year 3 has just passed his level 2 in swimming and has brought his certificate in to proudly show us.

Thank you for sharing your recent success in swimming with us. Well done.

During the Summer holidays, this year 3 took part in the TrueColours Kindness Challenge.

TrueColours celebrates those selfless acts, both big and (seemingly) small, that bring hope, positivity and unity, to inspire us to stay connected and do what we can for those most in need.

Over the course of the 6 weeks, he completed the following acts of kindness;

Call his grandparents

Speak kindly to others

Do chores without being asked

Post a note or picture to an elderly person

Share a kindness rock

Help donate to a food bank

Support a local charity

Send someone a joke to make them smile

Smile or say hello to people whilst out walking.

What a lovely thing to do!

Well done.

A big well done to this year 4 on passing her level 3 in her swimming class.