Wonderful Me

We have a 'Wonderful Me Board' in the school hall, on which we proudly display our pupil's personal achievements for all to see. If your child has been awarded any certificates, medals or trophies out of school that you would like to share, send your child with them to school and we will take a picture to go on our board. Alternatively, you can email your pictures to n.pearce@deepcar-st-johns.sheffield.sch.uk

Wonderful Me


This year 4 has been having Karate lessons since he was around the age of 5. He has recently just been awarded his green belt. He is very proud of this and his aim is to get to brown and then his black belt.

Keep working hard!

This year 4 really enjoys her gymnastic lessons, especially the bar. She has just passed her level 1 exam and is looking forward to competing in her next competition.

Good Luck - We can't wait to hear how she gets on!

Well done to this year 5 on passing his level 5 in swimming.


Well done to this year four, who has recently passed her level 4 in swimming.

Congratulations form everyone at St John's.


Huge well done to this year 4. Not only has she received a Highly Commended award in her recent Ballroom dancing exam but she has received one in her Latin exam too.

A future star in the making!

This year 4 has recently passed her level one in Gymnastics and has brought her certificate in to share with us.


This talented year 4 is a great footballer. His exceptional skills have been rewarded by his manager when he was chosen as 'The Managers' player of the season.


This year 5 has excelled in Gymnastics. In her recent exam, she not only passed one level but three and was awarded certificates, badges and a medal.

Fantastic achievement - well done!

This year 5 enjoys both swimming and running. Yesterday, she competed in a fun run at Yorkshire Wildlife park.

Well done!

This year 4 has been to her first swimming gala for Stocksbridge Pentaqua as she is now in the competitive squad.

She took part in four races at yesterday's all day event at Ponds Forge, which she trained 6 hours a week for.

She finished in second place in her 100m breaststroke race with a time of 2 mins 12.

This is an amazing achievement. Well done.

A couple of weeks ago, this year 6 successfully sat her Grade 1 Music Theatre Examination. She had to sing and perform two pieces of music whilst dressed in character: Bare Necessities and Edelweiss. She was awarded 93% with distinction for this exam. It is the first exam of any kind that she has undertaken.

Her family and everyone at school are extremely proud of her.

Well done.

This year 6 has a massive love of radio controlled cars.

Twelve months ago he started racing and competing at a competitive level.

On his last indoor race of the season his won the final.

On his first outdoor race of the season, he battled his way through qualifying to reach his first ever 'A' final.

This is an amazing achievement as he is competing against people much older than him.

He even volunteered to get the outdoor track ready for the season ahead.

This year 5 is trying really hard in her swimming lessons. It was only a few weeks ago that she moved up a level and she has now been awarded her distance certificate and badge.

Well done on swimming 25 metres.

video-1648542366 (1).mp4

This year 4 has been having piano lessons for just over a year.

This is her playing a new song, which she learned last night.

Sounds brilliant!

27th March 2022

On Sunday this year 6 was on stage at Sheffield City Hall, along with students from the Saturday Morning School, which he attends. Together, they performed a piece based around friendship and kindness. They were all very excited to be performing live on stage. Although rather tired yesterday, he thoroughly enjoyed it.

Well done!

27th March 2022

This year 5 has regular dance lessons.

Over the weekend, she has taken part in her very first show. A whole weekend - three shows back to back.

A star in the making!

26/27th March 2022

One of our year 5s has been having Taekwondo lessons since he was 3 years old. He works really hard and is currently working towards his black belt.

Over the weekend, he took part in a Taekwondo competition in Harrogate. He competed in the Poomsae (patterns)category and came away with the Gold Medal.

This is an amazing achievement.


This year 3 has just passed his level 3 in swimming. Well done from everyone at St John's.

These year 6 boys all play for Stocksbridge Park Steels. They have had a fabulous season, reaching the playoffs. They won this match, 7-1, gaining promotion to the league above.

Well done boys.

Incredible! In just a matter of weeks, this year 5 has gone from passing her level 9 to completing her last level at swimming; her level 10.

She would now like to try out for the local Pentaqua team and compete in races. With her drive and determination to succeed we have every confidence that she will do well.

We cannot wait to hear how she gets on!

One of our year 6 girls is part of a cheerleading group. The girls age between 9 and 15 and she is one of the youngest.

This photo was taken at the weekend and is of her flying in mid stunt with her team, Tsunami. Her team came second in the competition held at EiS in Sheffield. Next stop Jamfest Europe competition in Liverpool in June!

We can't wait to hear all about it!

This year 3 has worked exceptionally hard in her dance lessons. She has recently passed her graded exam.

Well done from everyone at St John's.

A huge well done to this very proud year 3, who has just passed passed his level one in swimming.


It was only last week when this year 5 passed her level 9 in swimming and now she has just been awarded her 1 mile distance certificate.

She had to swim 64 lengths of the pool to achieve this, which she completed in just over 45 minutes.

Another fantastic achievement. Well done.

Another entry to our board. This year 5 has just passed her level 4 in swimming and proudly brought her certificate into school to share with us.

Well done and keep up the hard work.

This year 5 is really enjoying her swimming and trying so hard to improve. This perseverance is paying off as she has just passed another level.

She just has one more level to go and she will have reached the top level for her group.

Well done; your determination to succeed is definitely paying off.

This year 5 is extremely proud of his Street Dance trophy that he has recently been awarded.

This is a fantastic achievement. Well done!

This year 5 has shared her success in swimming with us. She has recently been awarded her 400 and 800 meter distance certificate.

Well done from everyone at St John's.

This year 5 has Street Dancing lessons.

She has recently passed her Amateur Award with honors. This is a great achievement. Well done from everyone at St John's.

Well done to this year 4, she has recently completed two Theme awards at Brownies and has just been awarded her Bronze certificate and badge.

Yesterday , this year 5 took part in a Glow Run for the Children's Hospital. She ran 5km, and in a great time too.

A great achievement and for such a worthwhile charity. Well done.

Congratulations to this year 5 on passing her level 8 in swimming.

This amazingly talented year 4 has just been awarded her advanced proficiency award in gymnastics.

Well done from everyone at St Johns.

Over the weekend, this year 3 has spent the weekend with her Ballet class performing Hansel and Gretel.

It was a very busy weekend, normal class Saturday Morning, dress rehearsal in the afternoon and two performances to a large audience on Sunday.

She handled it brilliantly, performed really well and also showed her caring side on more than one occasion when some of her ballet classmates were very upset and nervous.

Her family are really proud of her and so are we.

Well done

This year 5 has only just started Tap Dancing lessons and she has already passed her first exam.

Congratulations from everyone at St John's to this year 5 for moving up a level in swimming.

Well done.

This year 3 has just passed his 50 metre distance in swimming. Great achievement. Well done.

Well done to this year 5, who has just passed her level 3 in her swimming lessons.

Brilliant news! This year 4 has just completed his 25 metre distance swim and has brought his certificate into school to share with us.

Well done - keep it up!

This year 5 is very proud of her medal that she was awarded at the weekend for completing a 5km charity race.

Well done on such a fantastic achievement.

This year 3 has just passed his level 2 in swimming and has brought his certificate in to proudly show us.

Thank you for sharing your recent success in swimming with us. Well done.

During the Summer holidays, this year 3 took part in the TrueColours Kindness Challenge.

TrueColours celebrates those selfless acts, both big and (seemingly) small, that bring hope, positivity and unity, to inspire us to stay connected and do what we can for those most in need.

Over the course of the 6 weeks, he completed the following acts of kindness;

Call his grandparents

Speak kindly to others

Do chores without being asked

Post a note or picture to an elderly person

Share a kindness rock

Help donate to a food bank

Support a local charity

Send someone a joke to make them smile

Smile or say hello to people whilst out walking.

What a lovely thing to do!

Well done.

A big well done to this year 4 on passing her level 3 in her swimming class.

This year 4 has recently took part in a Interc Class competition with her class. She is very proud of her medal and certificate, well done!