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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Autumn term - Wednesday 5th September to Friday 26th October. 

As we start a new academic year, we do so with a new Executive Headteacher, welcome to St John's Miss Jones. 

Please remember that children should aim to arrive at school between 8.45am and 8.50am, when they should go into the playground. Playground supervision by a member of staff begins at 8.45am. A playground bell is rung at 8.52am when children come into school for registration, if children arrive after 8.55am they should enter school via the main entrance and register at the school office.  In the event of wet weather, children can come into class from 8.45am, where teaching staff will supervise them. If children arrive earlier than this, we cannot guarantee that there will be a member of staff in the classroom to supervise your child.  

Thank you to everyone who joined us this afternoon at Deepcar St John's Church for our Harvest Service. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We are really proud of all our children. They all sang beautifully. Those children who stood and read poems, bible readings and prayers in front of a packed church showed such confidence. Thank you for all your kind donations of food, we have all been overwhelmed this year by your generosity and kindness.



In our Music lessons, we will be learning how to play the recorder. In a recent lesson, we gave each child their own recorder.  They learned how to hold it correctly and played them for the first time. 

Our first parents' evening of this school year will took place on the 15th and 17th October. It was great to see so many of you and for us to have the opportunity to discuss how your child is progressing in school since they returned in September and for you to find out how best to support your  child's learning at home. 

During our English lessons we have been taking the children on a journey of discovery with archaeologist Howard Carter. Learning that in 1905, Howard joins forces with Lord Carnarvon, a wealthy aristocrat and that with Carter's instinct for discovery and Carnarvon's money, the duo set about exploring the Valley of the Kings for the tomb of Tutankhamun. Over the next few weeks we will be completing a piece of descriptive writing based on their journey of discovery. 

We started the new school year looking at place value, it is important that children understand the value of a digit within a number. We are now looking at mental strategies which can be used to help with addition and subtraction. Later this half term, we will be learning the 'Standard Written' method for addition and subtraction. 


In our Science topic of  'Can you see me?' we will start to explore light. Over the coming weeks we will learn that there needs to be light for us to see, that some things give out light and others reflect it, and that there are factors which affect the size and shape of shadows. In a recent lesson, we investigated which materials are good at reflecting light. Following this, we looked at ways that cycling at night could be made safer. 


'Our Changing World' is a unit of Science that is looked at each year and monitors the changes in the environment around school over the course of a year. Miss Danks' class went outside yesterday afternoon, identifying the different types of trees in the school grounds. They have chosen a tree and will be recording how it changes throughout the coming seasons.


We believe that a child's spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and, within this, the promotion of fundamental British values, should be at the heart of our school.  We use Picture News, which help to keep children up to date with the fast changing world around them. Our discussions and debates in our PSHE lessons with Mrs Needham,  help to challenge children's ideas and pre-conceptions; ultimately helping them to broaden their horizons and enable them to deal with the modern world. 

In ICT, this half term we are learning how to use word processing software.  In our first lesson, we learned how to open a word document, to adjust the type, size and colour of the font, to copy and paste and how to save our work. Once we had mastered these skills, we showed them how to import a picture from clipart, use word art and copy and paste a picture from the internet.  Last week, we used the internet to research 'Healthy Lifestyle' and used google to find out; how much sleep a child needs, the amount of exercise, how much water we need a day and how much time is healthy for us to spend on technology per day. We will be using the information that we have found out to create our own 'Healthy Lifestyle' poster on word. 


The teaching of French is led by Miss Danks, who is a fluent French speaker. We follow the I Languages scheme of work which is in line with the new National Curriculum. In a recent lesson, we have revised how to say the colours and are learning how to say parts of our body in French. The children have really enjoyed learning to sing Head, shoulders, knees and toes in French. 

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the carers, friends and family members that joined us for our Macmillan Coffee morning on Friday 28th September. We are really grateful to all those people who kindly made and donated delicious cakes and buns for us to sell, helping us to raise as much money as possible for such a worthy charity. We hope you enjoyed your time in class, watching a spelling lesson. Thank again for supporting us.

We are really excited about returning to the Oakes, in May next year for our 3 day and 2 night residential. The Oakes Holiday Centre is an action packed, fun filled centre at Norton, Sheffield. A Georgian house set in acres of woodland, lawns and a lake surrounded by parkland. All activities are on site and led by fully insured members of staff from The Oakes. The activities include; archery, climbing wall, raft building and rope courses, as well as football, remote control cars and table tennis. There will be campfires in the evening too. The cost of the residential is £115, which will include transport, food and all the activities. Letters, with reply slips were sent out on Friday 14th September, if your child is wanting to go and you have not returned your form, please do so as soon as possible. A £20 deposit requires to be paid online by Friday 5th October. Thank you.

On Monday 17th September, we welcomed back M and M Productions. M & M Theatrical Productions are UK's largest and most respected provider of theatre-in education. Their productions educate children, through the powers of entertainment and imagination, whist at the same time encouraging children to read for pleasure and explore their creative abilities. Their performance of a 'Little Princess, was packed with fun, laughter, excitement, great music and larger than life characters and also delivered an important message about bullying. Written specifically for children by their experienced team of professionals, their scripts, costumes, scenery and special effects all combine to ensure that from the very beginning, the children enjoyed a magical and enriching theatrical experience.

On Thursday 4th October, we held a Parents workshop about the curriculum. This was an opportunity for parents to discover what children can expect to learn this year and how best to support your child to meet the new raised standards. We would like to thank all those parents who turned up. A pack, with information from the evening will be sent out to all parents. 

Don't forget to send your child with their PE kit when we return to school. All children should have the following, which should be kept in a named bag in School:-
  • White T Shirt, plain or with the School name and logo
  • Plain navy shorts/PE skirt
  • Navy Blue tracksuit top/bottoms for PE outside in cold weather. School tracksuits are available. 
  • Black plimsolls for indoor use. - Trainers are not allowed for indoor PE.
  • Trainers for outdoor PE lessons. 


In our science topic of  'Can you see me?' we will start to explore light. Over the coming weeks we will learn that there needs to be light for us to see, that some things give out light and others reflect it, and that there are factors which affect the size and shape of shadows. 

We are going to become historians this half term and travel back in time to Ancient Egypt, one of the earliest civilisations, and finding out about their way of life. In a recent lesson, using an atlas, we located Egypt and found out its capital and other major cities. We have also located the river Nile and talked about its importance to the river to the survival of the people of Egypt. 


Parents are able to book appointments online and will be notified when the booking system goes live.  We look forward to meeting you. 

Our school will be taking part in South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership’s 10 day Active Travel Challenge starting on Monday 15th October and finishing on Thursday 25th October 2018. (Friday 26th, is an Inset day) The challenge is for pupils & their families to choose an active way of getting to school over the 10 day period. We are competing against other schools from across South Yorkshire so we really do need your help. The challenge is also open to school staff and we will be making every effort to take part.  

Walking, cycling, skating, scooting and park & stride are all active ways of travelling and we hope by taking part in the challenge it will: 

1.  Improve health & wellbeing of our pupils & their families. 

2.  Encourage pupils and families to be more active 

3.  Reduce congestion and parking problems around our school. 

4.  Promote active travel for the journey to school and for families to continue after the challenge! 

During the challenge each classroom will have a wall chart on which pupils who have travelled actively will record their journey by adding a special sticker to the chart. Those pupils with 10 stickers on the chart at the end of the 10 day challenge will be awarded a special '10 Day Active Travel' badge.  Please do your best to be active on your journey to school and help us complete the challenge. 

Thank you. 

Please also note that Friday 26th of October is an Inset Day and school is closed to children.

The Government expectations for attainment have risen over the last few years and in order to help your child reach Age Related Expectations based on the New Curriculum, we are setting two lots of homework each week, one in Maths and the other in Reading Comprehension. This worked well over the last two years and increased the percentage of children achieving the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths. The Reading Comprehension will be followed up in class so it is essential that your child completes this at home in order to keep up with what they are learning in school. 

Homework will be sent home on Friday and is expected to be completed and returned to school by the following Wednesday. Homework will be followed up in class so it is essential that your child completes and returns it on time in order to keep up with what they are learning in school. If it is not returned, it may result in them missing a playtime in order to complete it. 

Practising times tables at home is really important. Knowing times tables facts really helps children to feel confident in Maths, and enables them to make progress in areas such as calculating, fractions… even shape work can involve times tables – when we think about angles, for example. The National Curriculum sets out expectations for times tables knowledge and states that by Year 4 children should be able to recall multiplication and division facts up to 12x12. Knowing the tables facts (including division) means having rapid recall – being able to say the answer within about five seconds, not counting through the times tables to work it out. Please make sure your child practises as home: in the car, in the bath, on the way to school, straight after school as a matter of routine. 

TT Rocks Stars is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times table practice, which children have used in school and is a great way to for children to learn their tables. Please encourage them to use this at home. If you do not have access to a computer, we have many resources in school to help, should you need them, including flip/flap cards and times table grids. Other online resources include; 
  • Mathletics 
  • Samlearning 
  • Hit the button                   
  • TT Rockstars

Spellings will still be set on a weekly basis, please practise them at home prior to the test in school. 

Please continue to encourage your child to read at home, it is a well-known fact, that good readers make good writers. We ask that you support your child by listening to them read every night for 10 minutes and then complete their reading records and return to school for signing the next day. 

Children’s learning is improved when we work in partnership and we appreciate your ongoing support. 

Full details of our Curriculum can be found under 'Our Learning' page.  The age related expectations for Maths, Writing (with examples) and Spellings for year 4 can be found in the documents below. Additionally, there is information on Alan Peat sentence types and definitions of Grammatical terms, which we hope you will find useful. 

Our Facebook page has been in place for over a year now, it is a great way for you to find out what is happening in school. We share photographs of what the children have been learning or pictures of the work that they have produced. We also use the site to keep you up to date with important information and give reminders. If you haven't already, please like our Facebook page. 



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