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Wonderful Me

We have a 'Wonderful Me Board' in the school hall, on which we proudly display our pupil's personal achievements for all to see. If your child has been awarded any certificates, medals or trophies out of school that you would like to share, send your child with them to school and we will take a picture to go on our board. Alternatively, you can email your pictures to n.pearce@deepcar-st-johns.sheffield.sch.uk 


First they passed their 600 metre distance swim together and now they have both just passed their stage 5.

In order to pass, they had to meet 12 outcomes some of which included; swimming various strokes including the butterfly for 10 metres, being able to tread water for 30 seconds, being able to perform 3 jumps into deep water and perform a handstand and hold for 3 seconds.

Well done girls.

Another swimmer for our Wonderful Me display. This time it is this proud young man in year 4, who has just passed his 200 metres distance swim. Well done from everyone at St John's and thank you mum for sending the photo to us.

This year 5 has just passed her 200 metre distance at swimming and brought her certificate and badge into school to share with us. Well done from everyone at St John's.

These two girls have swimming lessons together and have both just been awarded their 600 metre distance certificate and badge.

Well done girls

After a lot of hard work, both these boys earned their yellow belts in Tang Soo Do on the 8th of June. On the 17th June, they were presented with a certificate and their belt.

Well done both of from everyone at St John's.

A big well done to this year 4 on gaining her 50 metres certificate in swimming. Brilliant. Well done.

This year 6 has just completed his level 10, which now means that he has passed all the levels. He is now going to focus on his running. This is an amazing achievement. Well done.

This year 6 has loved skiing from a very young age, both his parents have been involved in the coaching of the sport. Over the years he has entered many competitions around the world; Switzerland, Japan, France and England. On the 3rd of June, he entered a slalom competition based in Manchester, where he was competing against other boys of a similar age. Last year, he competed in the same competition and finished 4th.

He finished his race in 14.33 seconds and out of approximately 100 boys, he came 1st.

This is an amazing achievement. He says he wants to ski for his country in the future, so watch out for him at the next Olympics.

Well done from everyone at St John's.

This year 3 goes to Just Dance for lessons. A few weeks ago she entered into The Time to Dance and Sing competition. She was awarded this trophy for showing the 'Most Effort' on the day. Well done from everyone at St John's.

This year 5 plays squash, and at the weekend entered a competition and finished 3rd. This is an amazing achievement and as a result has moved up a grade.

Well done from everyone at St John's.

This year 3 has Gymnastic lessons and is a member of Stocksbridge Gymnastic club. She has recently taken part in a competition with 60 other children and finished 2nd. This is amazing achievement and her picture will be going on display on our Wonderful Me board in school. Well done from everyone at St John's.

This year 3 has regular swimming lessons at Stocksbridge Leisure Centre. He has recently been awarded his level 3 certificate and brought his certificate into school to share with us.

Well done!

This year 4 has just passed his Octopus 2 in swimming and proudly brought his certificate into school to share with us.

Well done.

A very proud swimmer in year 4 has brought her swimming certificates into school to share with us. She has recently been awarded her 25 metre badge and her Angel Fish certificate.

Well done.

A big well done to this year 3, who has not only passed his level 5 in swimming but also his 100 metres. Fantastic!

This year 4 has been dancing for many years. Recently, she has had an audition for a dance role in a Little Mermaid, with Junk Yard Juniors. She proudly told us today that her audition was successful, she has a part in the show and will be performing on stage

This is brilliant news. Well done.

A big well done to this year 4, she currently has swimming lessons at Stocksbridge Leisure Centre and has just achieved her 25 metre distance certificate. This is fantastic. 

This year 5, has been having ballet lessons since she was 5 years old and is currently attending the Lauren McCaslin School of Dance. In November, the group entered a competition and she was presented with this amazing sash.


These two girls both have swimming lessons at Stocksbridge Leisure Centre. They have recently been awarded their 400 metre certificate. Well done girls. 

This year 4 boy has recently passed his British Gymnastic level 4 in trampolining. He says that he wants to reach level 15, the top level, so that he can become a trampolining instructor.  We hope your dream comes true. 

This year 3 girl attends regular cheerleading sessions. She recently took park in a tournament and finished 3rd. This is a fabulous achievement and one she is very proud of. 

This year 4 boy only started having swimming lessons a few months ago. He is loving his lessons and he has already passed his level one and brought his certificate into school to share with us.  Well done.

These two boys both play football for Stocksbridge Park Steels. On Sunday, they played in a tournament against other teams in the area and came away cup winners.  Well done boys.

A boy, in year 4, who wants to join the police force when he is older decided to write to the local station telling them about his hopes for the future.  The police responded to his letter and invited down to the station. He got to try on uniform, sit in a police car and see the cells.  We hope his dream comes true.

A very proud year 5, who has recently been awarded 2 trophies in dance, one in Ballroom and the other in Latin.  Fantastic. Keep up the hard work. 


This proud year 4 has just passed her 100 metre distance swim and been awarded a certificate and badge. She wanted to share her achievement with us. Well done from everyone at St John's.

A few weeks ago, this year 5 was awarded a medal for her amazing Hip Hop dance skills. Well done from everyone at St John's.

A big well done to this year 3 on being awarded his 200 metre distance swimming certificate.

This year 3 participated in the Legacy Cheer and Dance national championships last weekend at Birmingham NEC arena. They came first in their division. This is an amazing achievement. Well done from everyone at St John's.

Recently, this year 5 took part in a dancing competition. Last year her group finished in 5th in the Street Dance, this year they finished 2nd, which is a great improvement and one that she is very proud of.

Well done from everyone at St John's.

Wow! This year 6 obviously loves music and is very talented too. He has just passed his Grade 1 alto saxophone exam with distinction and in November he got a merit in his piano exam.

Well done from everyone at St John's.

Well done to this year 4, she has just passed her level 2 in swimming. 

This year 4 has been having dance lessons for about 7 years. She is currently attending Berry Academy School of Dance. She has just passed her Theatre Craft and Ballet exam, moving from grade 1 to grade 2.

This is an amazing. Well done.

This year 6 girl is such an inspirational young lady and never fails to amaze us with her determination and positive attitude.

This time last year, she was incredibly ill in hospital, her condition was critical. Since then, she has had a tough time and had lots of setbacks but through it all she has never moaned or complained and been so brave and strong.

She has always loved gymnastics. It was amazing to hear from her very proud parents that not only has she started training again but last night she took part in Stocksbridge Gymnastic Inter Club Competition.

This is incredible and shows just how determined she is to not let her condition prevent her from achieving in life.

Well done from us all at Deepcar St John's, we are very proud of her.

One of our year 6 boys represents Deepcar St John's at cross country races in the area.

He has now completed all 7 races & here are the results;

Race 1: finished 83rd out of 188 runners
Race 2: finished 110th out of 210 runners
Race 3: finished 42nd out of 199 runners
Race 4: finished 50th out of 170 runners
Race 5: finished 56th out of 150 runners
Race 6: finished 56th out of 139 runners
Race 7: finished 47th out of 133 runners

We are very proud him and so are his parents for completing all the races and achieving a personal best of 42nd place beating his pb of last year which was 47th.

These photos are of him in his new school cross country top.

Not only is he an excellent runner, he is also a fabulous swimmer and has just passed his level 8 and 9, just one more level to go before he has completed them all.

Thank you to his very proud parents for sharing this with us.

This year 3 plays for Park Steels. On Sunday, he was awarded man of the match. He proudly told us about the super tackles that he made during a hard fought game against players that were much bigger than himself.

Well done.

In year 3, the children are learning how to sew. After learning a few stitches in school on Friday, he went home and created this amazing artwork over the weekend.

This is fantastic. Well done.

A New Climber Certificate of Achievement has recently been awarded to this year 5. This is a climbing award which involves climbing with ropes and harnesses. The new climber certificate is award to climbing novices that recognise the ability to climb safely under supervision. This is an amazing achievement - Well done.

This year 4 has just passed his level 5 in swimming. Well done from everyone at St John's. 

The Superkids awards hosted by the Sheffield Star have been going for over 2 decades. The event celebrates the brave, talented and inspirational youngsters in our city. The award night, which was on the 3rd of December, was a night full of proud parents, carers and teachers. Nine amazing children all received awards for being fearless and an inspiration to all. We are really proud to have one of our pupils amongst the candidates. Receiving a nomination

for fearless bravery following a very tough year due to illness. In March, she became very ill, really quickly and was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. She was taken to hospital with an extremely high heart rate and several attempts failed to reduce it. The doctors at the hospital saved her life. She now faces an operation when she is 13. Despite a few setbacks since then, she has always remained positive and never complains. She missed quite a bit of school but she took on extra work at home to catch up. She has now pledged to take part in the Glow Run at Endcliffe Park on the 18th December, to raise money for the hospital that saved her life. Her teachers say that she is a positive role model to everyone in the school. She got a special mention in Collective Worship. 

Both these boys play for Stocksbridge Park Steels. Recently the team played in a cup tournament and finished in 3rd place.

Well done boys and thank you for bringing your medals into school to share with us.

At Bluebell Wood, they believe that every family deserves to make magical memories with their child. They support and care for children, young adults and their families facing the toughest of times. In July, one of our year 3 girls took place in their annual Colour Dash to raise vital funds for this amazing place.

She is very proud of being part of this charity event, and as she is new to our school, she wanted to share her medal with her new class.

This young man in year 4, plays for Stocksbridge Park Steels and his team have just won the Don District under 9s Sheffield and District cup.

A big well done to one of our year 3 boys, who has just passed his level 3 ASA Learn to Swim award. He had to complete 9 different tasks to get his certificate, one of them was retrieving an object from the bottom of the pool. This is fantastic. Well done from everyone at St John's.

Sheffield Children’s University is part of a national initiative that encourages and celebrates children and young people who take part in learning activities outside of school hours. One credit is awarded for every hour of learning, adding up to awards such as certificates and badges. One of our year 4s has just been awarded her bronze certificate and brought it into school to share with us.

Well done from us all.

Can you swim a mile? This boy can, and has the certificate to prove it. This is an amazing achievement. He also passed his level 8 in swimming too.