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Wonderful Me

We have a 'Wonderful Me Board' in the school hall, on which we proudly display our pupil's personal achievements for all to see. If your child has been awarded any certificates, medals or trophies out of school that you would like to share, send your child with them to school and we will take a photo to go on our board. Alternatively, you can email your pictures to n.pearce@deepcar-st-johns.sheffield.sch.uk 


This year 5 and his dad are members of the Valley Mountain Biking Group. 

Each year they hold a sponsored Christmas Jumper ride to raise valuable funds for the Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team. On Saturday, in all the heavy rain, he cycled from his home to hand over nearly £500. 

Well done to everyone who is part of the team that raised valuable funds for this amazing group of volunteers.

Another distinction for this year 6 in his recent level two piano exam. Excellent news. Well done from everyone at St John's.

This amazing year 6 has just passed his grade 1 piano exam. He is an amazingly talented young man and it comes as no surprise that he passed with distinction. Well done from everyone at St John's. 

This very talented year 5 has just had her cheerleading squad placement assessment.

Her proud parents have just let us know that she has made the international level 2 team.

This is an amazing achievement and we can't wait to hear how she gets on.


She has done it! This incredibly determined year 6 set herself the challenge of either walking, cycling or skating a distance of 207 miles during lockdown.
Mum has been in touch to let us know that she finished it yesterday by completing a bike ride from Wortley to Dunford Bridge and back. This has been her favourite route but yesterday with the wind and rain was really hard, but she didn't give up.
Whilst completing her challenge she has raised a staggering amount of just under £650 but donations are still coming in so this figure is set to rise.
She has decided to support these three local charities
£300 - Cliffe Animal Rescue
£200 - Sheffield Greyhound Trust
£150 - Watermeadow Hedgehog Rescue.
Her parents and family are exceptionally proud of her and so are we. Well done. You are a star!

This year 3 attended the SWFC community training session last night, which is free for people to attend. and run by Mr Priest.
Mr Priest said today that he was outstanding. Playing against children much older than him, he never gave up and scored 3 goals.

Well done!

This year 5 was awarded 'Man of Match at his football match at the weekend. He was chosen for displaying a great work ethic. This is a great quality needed throughout life. Well done. 

During the holidays Jacob in year 6 has achieved 100% in his grade 1 piano exam.

Well done Jacob. This is a fantastic achievement.