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Wonderful Me

We have a 'Wonderful Me Board' in our school hall, on which we proudly display our pupil's personal achievements for all to see. If your child has been awarded any certificates, medals or trophies out of school that you would like to share, send your child with them to school and we will take a picture to go on our board. Alternatively, you can email your pictures to n.pearce@deepcar-st-johns.sheffield.sch.uk 


Is there no end to this boy's talent? Not only is he an amazing runner, representing school in cross-country, he is also an excellent swimmer. Yesterday, he brought his latest certificates in to share with us. Initially, aiming to swim 800 metres but then continued until he completed a mile, in a 25-metre pool that is a lot lengths.

What is he going to try next? I'm sure he will keep us informed.

Well done.

After just three swimming lessons, one of our year 4 boys got his 10 metre certificate. This is fantastic. Well done.

Well done on passing level 4 in swimming. In order to achieve this he had to learn the butterfly.

Thank you for bringing your rosettes and certificates you were awarded in Tap. Well done. 

Although it was a few years ago, she is very proud of her medal, which she was awarded for being kind and caring to the children her parents, who are foster carers, have looked after.  

What a lovely award to receive. Well done. 

Wow! Just look at all those medals which she won in her recent dance competition coming 1st in a group dance and also 3rd place in three separate competitions. Well done!

Fantastic - You have passed your Goldfish 2 in swimming. Well done.

Amazing. You passed your level 4 in Gymnastics.  

Well done on passing your level 1 in swimming. 

After practising her floor routine for the last 6 weeks, one of our year 5 girls took part in her first Gymnastic floor and volt competition.

Amazingly, she came first in her age category and second overall. Both the school and family are very proud of her. She couldn't wait to bring her medals into school to share with us and have her picture taken to go on our Wonderful Me board.


A big well done on your achievements in gymnastics. It is amazing how you have passed levels 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3 in such a short space of time. 


These three girls ran the Sheffield Race for Life recently, each running 5km and raising money for a very worthy cause. Well done girls. 

Another gymnast at St John's. Well done on passing your level 8.

M------- has been having gymnastics lessons since she was about 3 years old and now trains for over 2 hours, 4 days a week.

Recently, entering into the Yorkshire Tumbling and Artistic championship, M------ came first, winning the 'Gold Medal' Her wish is to compete at the Olympics in the future.

What an amazing achievement, passing your proficiency exam in Tap Dancing with honours and then passing your Tricks and Tumbles in Gymnastics,



A very proud year 3 girl, who couldn't wait to show us her trophy, which she was awarded following a recent ballet competition that she took part in.

Amazing, two certificates, a trophy and a badge. Well done on passing your stage two in Tap and Musical Theatre.


Our year 5 Cross Country runner took part in his last race on Saturday at Brunswick Primary School, finishing 58th out of about 200 year 5/6 boys. He has now represented our school in seven cross-country races, which is a real achievement.

Running in the cold, wet and sometimes snowy conditions has not put him off; he will be back next year representing Deepcar St John's again.

In our Sparkle and Shine assembly, he was awarded a special certificate by Mrs Cordle

A big well done and thanks to his parents for sharing these pictures.   




In December, Angela Smith was at Stocksbridge Library announcing the winner of her Christmas Card competition

Although she didn't win overall, she was one of 24 children chosen out of over 400 entries! We are very proud of her and so are her parents. Well done! Thank you mum, for the photographs.  Her prize was presented by Sheffield Wednesday mascot Ozzy Owl.

Well done on achieving your Bronze Scout award at cubs. This award is the top award. It shows that you have been adventurous, have helped your community and have learnt about the world. It also means that you have worked as part of a team, completed all your challenge awards and four activity awards.

This is amazing; well done on such a fantastic achievement.


How amazing, you got your 800m certificate in swimming. Fantastic. Well done. 


Finishing 22nd out of over 80 boys in a running long jump and ball throw competition in the under 11 age category is really amazing. 
Entering in another competition this weekend, he wants to do even better. Let us know how you got on.

It is great to hear that you are doing so well at gymnastics. Well done on getting your level 4. 

More gymnasts. These girls both go to the the same class and have both just passed their level 6. Well done both of you. 


After weeks of practising, one of our pupils, entered into a trampolining competition. After completing many different manoeuvres, in front of two judges, he was over the moon with coming 3rd. Fantastic. 

Your teacher and class really enjoyed listening to the story that you had written at home. Thank you for bringing it into school to share with us. 

Well done girls on  getting your level 7 and 8 Gymnastics certificate. Fantastic.  


Are we looking at the next David Beckham? Well done boys on having a fantastic football season with Park Steels and being awarded your medals and trophies. 


Another trophy. Well done on winning the positional award

Miss Steward was very impressed with all the research you did at home on Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Brilliant!