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Sparkle and Shine

Our theological vision is 'To create a welcoming Christian community of mutual love and care, where all are valued for who they are, where everyone is inspired to reach their full potential'.  Our core values of Socially Responsible, High Achievers, Independent and interdependent, Nurturing and Empowered to Meet Life's Challenges (S-H-I-N-E) underpin all we do. Our school is a place where the individual matters. 
Children who have displayed one or more of our core values are nominated by their teacher  to receive our 'Sparkle and Shine' award. A certificate and badge is given to every child in Collective Worship, a photo is taken and placed in the special Sparkle and Shine book, which is on display in the school hall. If a child is 'SHINE' they are:

Socially Responsible 
High Achievers 
Independent / interdependent learners 
Empowered to meet life's challenges 






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