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School Council

Our School Council is a group of children from year 3 to year 6. We have two representatives from each class, a boy and a girl, who are elected on a yearly basis. The purpose of our School Council is to raise issues, represent views of our pupils, conduct surveys and meet with our Headteacher, Senior Leadership team, Teachers and our Governors.  It is important for us, as a school to listen to the views of our pupils and take on board areas in which they believe we can improve. 

Our School Councillors wear their badges around school with pride, This makes it easy for everyone to know who our councillors are, so that pupils know who to go to if they have any suggestions or ideas on how our school can improve. 

Elections have taken place to elect this year's school council, and they are very excited to get started. They have had their first meeting, where Mrs Needham told them that their first project will involve working with Royd Nursery Infant School, on a joint initiative looking at how to improve road safety in our area. Next week, they are going to Royd, to listen to a talk from the Sheffield City Council on road Safety.


 School Council 2016/2017

At the moment, they are working with Mrs Needham and learning how to become 'Play Leaders.' One of the aims of Playground Leaders is to introduce and develop leadership skills in our School Councillors by training them up and getting them to organise activities for other children in the playground. Another benefit of the scheme is that it will increase the amount of physical activity undertaken during playtime. The scheme will also hopefully raise self-esteem, self-confidence and organisation skills of our Councillors. 

Here is a picture of one of our year 6 school counsellors, who has recently been organising a game called 'Monkey', a fun ball game in which nearly all the year group joined in.