School Lunches/Snacks

Lunch time

Children may have their midday meal at school or may bring a packed lunch from home.

School lunches.

In response to the change in the Government's food standards for school meals, Sheffield Local Authority introduced a new healthier menu in Primary schools. These new menus include more freshly prepared main courses and desserts providing children with a choice of healthy, balanced meals including vegetarian options.  You can find out more about school meals and Sheffield's school caterer, Taylor Shaw, on their website: 

To ensure that all children get the meal of their choice each day,  we operate an electronic ordering system called Cypad. During morning registration, children select their picture on the interactive whiteboard and then choose from the meal options available, Their lunch order is then sent straight to the kitchen staff.  When your child arrives in the hall at lunch time, they will be asked what class they are in and then select their picture. This will then tell the kitchen staff which lunch option they ordered that morning.  As we know the precise number of each meal ordered, when it comes to service, every child gets their chosen meal. This also helps to reduce school kitchen waste. A vegetarian option is available everyday. However if your child has specific dietary needs please contact our School Office on 0114 288 3878

Payment of School Meals. (Due to Covid 19 please send your child to the school with the money in a sealed names envelope or you may drop payment at the office after 10am. We are looking into online methods of payment. 

School dinners are charged at £2 per day / £10 per week. Dinner money must be brought in on a Monday morning for the week or part week or day that you would like them to have a school meal. Cash in £10 notes or multiples of £10 are accepted but change is not given until the end of the academic year. Cheques need to made payable to 'Sheffield City Council'  and can be paid for in advance termly, half termly or weekly with any credits carried over to the following term. Please ensure your payment is sent to school in a sealed envelope or purse and is clearly labelled with your child's name and class. We are unable to order your child a School meal without receiving payment first, except in an emergency and the money should be sent the following day.

Free School Meals are available for any child, whose parents receive Income Related Employment and Support Allowance, Guaranteed Element of State Pension credit, Support under Part V1 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, Job Seekers Allowance or Child Tax Credit with NO Working Tax credit. Please enquire at the school office if you think that you may be entitled to free school meals. 

New lunch menu, which comes into force after the Easter holidays.

Packed lunches

If you prefer, your child may bring a healthy packed lunch from home. Please do not send your child with fizzy drinks, chocolate bars or sweets. Sandwich boxes are stored on class trolleys in the dinning hall to ensure safe keeping and to prevent children returning to the classrooms unsupervised at lunchtime. Please ensure that everything is clearly labelled.  Please note, we do not have refrigeration facilities in school for storing packed lunches during hot weather so bear this in mind when choosing suitable foods. 

Lunch time is an extremely busy and efficiently run part of the day in which there is a lot of movement and play supervised by lunchtime supervisors, teaching assistants and either the Headteacher or the Assistant Headteacher.


Children are provided with drinking water at lunchtime and children can refill their own named water bottle brought in from home from the tap in classroom.  Their water bottles are kept in the classroom for easy access. Please don't send your child with a water bottle filled with juice or fizzy drinks. 

Healthy snacks

Children may bring a healthy snack to school for their morning break. As we promote a healthy lifestyle, we ask that children do not bring sweets, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks to school. Fruit, dried fruit, yogurts, cheese and health bars are all classed as healthy. 

Tuck Shop

Children volunteers run our tuck shop.  Most days we will have on sale a variety of fruit, raisins, yoghurts, cheese strings, health bars and a range of drinks including bottled water. . Prices range from 15p to 50p.  Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the tuckshop is currently closed. We will advise you when it reopens. 

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