Year 5 

Welcome to Year 5

2022/23 Academic Year

Welcome to year 5! In year 5, we aim to provide an inclusive environment where children are able to develop a love of learning, challenge themselves to take risks and develop their resilience. There are two classes in Year 5Mrs Bell and Mrs Bradwell, who job share,  and Miss Woods-Booth are the class teachers and Mrs Pearce will be there to support in the classroom. 

Together, we are keeping the children on their toes, challenging their learning, corroborating with their ideas, encouraging them in their strengths and supporting each child as they demonstrate determination, perseverance and resilience, in order to make the very best of themselves and their personal progress. And, who could forget - having fun along the way! There's always a surprise never too far away when you're in year 5.  

News and Updates for the Summer term 

Y5 Cooking Club - Summer Term 2.pdf

26th May 2023

Miss Woods-Booth class used Microsoft Publisher yesterday to design a wrapper for their chocolate lolly.

Their lolly ideas were planned and tasted in DT earlier this term and will be on sale at our Summer Fayre.

The Oakes - May 2023 

Fantastic time had by all! 

9th May 2023

Today, in science, we have been dissecting and learning the parts of a flower.

In yesterday and today's English lessons, half of Y5 had to argue that the Highwayman (a poem by Alfred Noyes) was guilty and the other half innocent.

We were really impressed with how confidently they were able to present their cases. They all spoke formally and persuasively with good evidence to support their points; it was difficult to judge!

20th April 2023

We are starting a new theme topic of Ancient Maya. Over the last few days we have learned how they farmed the Cacao bean and how this was used to make a spicy chocolate drink.  Furthermore, they also discovered that for the Mayan Civilisation, the bean became very precious and the seeds where used for trading and as a form of money.

Today, they have tasted milk, white and dark chocolate, thinking about the difference in flavours. Afterwards, they picked their favourite, which they will be adding their choice of toppings to make their own chocolate lolly. 

24th April 

This week, we have made our lollies and are really looking forward to putting our taste buds to the test when we get to try our tasty treats on Friday! 


The entries for our best decorated egg competition were fantastic and it is clear that a huge amount of effort has gone into all of the eggs. It was a really difficult job for us to judge.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

A few weeks ago, we asked for donations of shoe boxes in order for year 5 to create a biome. 

A biome is defined by multiple features of a region. This includes temperature, climate, geology, soils, and vegetation.

Yesterday, they proudly shared their completed projects with the rest of the class. 

16th March 2023

Our first games cafés took place this afternoon.  Parents, carers and family members were invited to take part in (or lead) a game involving their child.

Thank you to everyone who joined us this afternoon and we hope you enjoyed your time in school. It was good to see you!

Science Day

On 13th March,  we celebrated Science Week at school by having a Science day. The children were given lots of opportunities to experience 'hands on' Science experiments during the course of the day. We also had a number of year 5 and 6 children running science experiments with their peers during lunchtime.

The day was a huge success and encouraged our children to develop a passion for science that hopefully they will take with them as they progress through school.

10th January 2023

Yesterday, children in had a hands on science lesson where they continued to learn about forces.  In this lesson, they learned about how the shape of an object impacts on how quickly it travels through water. 

We are loving using Crumble kits in computing. We were delighted when they were able to get the LED lights to flash! 

Autumn Term 2022

15th December 

Dancing, singing and pinning the nose on the reindeer were just some of the fun things that year 5 enjoyed this afternoon during their Christmas party.

Our final game was 'The chocolate game.'  This involved a dice, hat, scarf and gloves, a knife and fork and a large bar of chocolate.

Each player has to roll a six to get to try eat the chocolate but once a six is rolled they must put on the hat, scarf and gloves and then can only eat the chocolate using the knife and fork. The dice is continued to be thrown and as soon as someone else throws a 6, they need to stop and it is now the next players turn.

Thank you for a lovely afternoon year 5.

9th December 

As part of our focus on reading for pleasure, children in year 5 held their weekly book club. 

Today, the children were posed the following question - Should you read the book before watching the film and if so, why?

After discussing this and sharing their ideas, they all enjoyed a story and a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Excellent for a cold day like today!

2nd December 2022

We have now finished our catapults that we started on Wednesday and got to put them to the test today. 

Pretty impressive year 5!

30th November 2022 

Today, we have enjoyed a morning of DT, which we linked to our current theme of The Romans. Working in small groups, they have had to accurately measure and saw wood to make the frame for a Roman Catapult. 

More sawing is planned for tomorrow in order for them to finish the construction process before we try them out on Friday.

A huge thank you to all the parents, grandparents and carers, who gave up their time to come into school this morning and tomorrow to help out.

Friday 25th November 

Another successful Reading Cafe took place this afternoon. Thank you to all the parents, carers and family members who joined us today, it was lovely to see you. 

11th November 2022

Miss Woods-Booth's class Reading Ambassadors have been eager to get stuck into their new roles, making book recommendations, tidying the book area and sharing the recently completed scrapbook with the class.

Great work guys!

Friday 4th November 

This term, we are reading the book Clockwork by Philip Pullman. In Fridays' lesson children  used the drama technique of freeze-framing to capture a scene from the book, which they will be drawing upon when they later write a character description from the book.

Wednesday 3rd November 

Before half term children in year 5 were asked to create a piece of homework relating to their science topic of Earth, Moon and Sun or to their theme of Romans.

Yesterday, Miss Woods-Booth class shared some of their work with the class.

1st November 2022 

Our science topic this term is Earth, Sun and Moon. In today's lesson, children have been learning that the moon orbits the earth and that it reflects the suns light.

Additionally, they have also learned the phases of the moon.

Using Oreo biscuits, they then represented each phase before before being allowed to devour them! 

What a treat!

20th October 2022

This afternoon, we took a leap back in time to AD43 and asked the children should Emperor Claudius invade Britain?

The classes where then split into half. One side argued that Claudius should invade Britain, whilst the other side that he shouldn't invade.

What was the final outcome?

13th October 2022

We had a fantastic learning day at Vindolanda, where we got to explore ancient Roman ruins and look at a wealth of artifacts that have been expertly excavated by the archeologist on site.

After a lovely picnic lunch in the sun, we then spent the afternoon at the Roman Army Museum. The children enjoyed a holographic classroom experience followed by a 3D movie documenting life as a Roman soldier.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents and to Matilda's Nanan for accompanying us on the trip.

Your help was very much appreciated.

Wednesday 5th October 

At the start of the new school year, children were given a photo of half their face and they had to use their sketching skills to complete the full portrait. 

Their finished work has now gone on display.  Here is a selection of some of their  work.  

We are really proud of all their finished pieces of work.

Maths Measures Day - 30th September 

The intention of the day is to help children across the school become familiar with various areas of measure in a hands on way. 

In year 5, children had an fun filled morning learning all about capacity by making their own cocktails. 

Later in the day, they played games to help them understand time and learned about measure by recording the lengths of various parts of the body.

A fantastic day year 5!