Mobile Phones

Recently, staff have become increasingly concerned about the number of mobile phones being brought to school, and the way children are using them; on the playground before school starts and immediately after school, taking pictures, phoning and texting as soon as they leave the classroom door. 

Additionally,  children are also complaining to teachers about the content of some messages that they are receiving out of school, we are spending more and more time sorting out problems with phones, which detracts from what we are supposed to be doing, which is teaching the children. Added to this, children are comparing mobile phones, and trying to upstage one another with their choice of phone. The pressure on children, from their own peer group, to own a phone if they do not have one, or to get a ‘better’ phone if they do, is unacceptable.

As a result, St John's, are saying that mobile phones cannot come into school except for an exceptional circumstance which will need a letter from a parent explaining why the phone needs to be in school. 

This will need to be written each time there is an exceptional circumstance. The phone will need to be brought to the school office with the note before your child goes onto the playground. It will need to be picked up at the end of the school day after your child has left the classroom. If a mobile phone has not been handed in and is found by a member of staff, it will be taken to the office and will only be released to the parent of the child. The child will go to reflection for not following the school rules. We will not accept any responsibility for phones which are lost, mislaid or stolen as they should not be at school. 

As a staff, we do not advocate children having mobile phones. We accept the appropriate ages given for children to join Facebook and other sites which is generally thirteen years of age. We strongly urge parents to check their child’s mobile phone regularly,  There are many reports in the press and on news media reporting the bullying which can now go on, mostly undetected, by adults and children. We educate children in these matters and teachers are always open to talk to children about things which are concerning them.

We hope you understand why we have made this decision. Our time needs to be spent teaching your children.