After School Clubs

We offer a number of After School activities for children to participate in.  Letters go out to parents towards the end of each term detailing the clubs that are on offer the following term. You need to sign your child up for all the sessions. We will not issue any refunds if your child is unable to attend. 

The after school programme for the Autumn Term starts on Wednesday 5th September and runs for 8 weeks. The charge for each club is £3 a session unless it is an outside club e.g. Drama or Creation Station which is £5. 


Football (7 weeks) £21
3.20pm to 4.30pm
Drama Club - (12 weeks) 

£603.20pm to 4.30pm
Tuesday        Tennis  (7 weeks) £213.20pm to 4.30pm 
Wednesday Den building £24

3.20pm to 4.30pm
Thursday     Choir

£53.20pm to 4.30pm

Frisbee Golf £243.20pm to 4.30pm 
Friday Creation Station  (7 weeks) £35

3.20pm to 4.30pm
 Friday Gymnastics  (7 weeks) 

£213.20pm to 4.30pm

Drama is a club run by a professionally qualified actor who has experience of teaching children. Throughout the term the children will partake in games and activities to help build their confidence as well as working towards an end of term presentation, in which parents are invited to attend. 

Please note the following; 

All clubs start at 3.20pm and finish at 4.30pm, when your child will need to be collected. 

You need to sign the permission slip, giving your child permission to attend. All payments should now be made via our online payments system. On receipt of your reply slip an online payment will be made available which will secure your payment. We cannot allocate a placement without receipt of full payment and your reply slip. 

When signing up, we expect your child to attend each session. 

If your child cannot make a session, for another appointment for example, please write a note or call the school. We will not let a child leave school without your verbal or written permission. 

We will not cancel a club without prior notification. We will always run the club, even if it is run by another member of staff. 

Most children get their chosen place but you can select a 2nd and 3rd choice. You may book your child on to as many clubs as you wish and we will always confirm the clubs your child is doing. 

Please get in touch, if you have any queries. 

Kwik Cricket 






Den Building 




Creation Station 

Frisbee Golf