Behaviour at St John's

Good behaviour and discipline are the key foundations of good education. Without an orderly atmosphere, effective teaching and learning cannot take place. If children are permitted to misbehave in school, they prejudice their own educational chances and worse, they disrupt the education of children around them.  

It is the basic entitlement of all children at St John’s school to feel safe and secure and to enjoy being in a good learning environment. All pupils are expected to behave in a responsible manner, both to themselves and to others, showing consideration, courtesy and respect for other people at all times. 

The School has a ‘Positive Behaviour Policy’ which describes rewards and sanctions, our expectations, how poor behaviour is monitored and discouraged, the disciplinary stages and action and how incidents are reported. There is also an anti-bullying policy. A confidential record is kept of all incidents of poor behaviour to enable us to monitor, give sanctions and action one-to-one support if necessary.

Golden Rules

In order to continue to promote our high standards of behaviour in school and make sure our children are “ready to learn” in a safe positive environment, we follow our Positive Behaviour Policy. 

In school we have a set of "Golden Rules" which are followed through a colour system.

Green: All children start on green on our class behaviour charts and remain on a green while they demonstrate positive behaviour and a “readiness to learn”. This involves following the good speaker, listener and learner rules and actively listening and engaging with the lesson. 

Yellow: A child will be placed on yellow if they have not made the right choices after first being given a warning or a reminder about their behaviour choices. 

Orange : If a child continues to make the wrong choice after being given a warning and placed on yellow, they will be given a short amount of “time out” in class to think about making the right choices so that they are ready to re-join the class and are “ready to learn”. 

Red : If a Golden Rule is broken again during the day, they will move on to red. This means they will go to work in a buddy class, lose their playtime/lunchtime either that day or the following day and spend this time reflecting on their choices. (Buddy Class: This is another class in school.)

Whilst we will not tolerate poor behaviour, and will deal with it accordingly, we also want to focus on what children are getting right; highlighting the good. At St John's we believe that encouragement and praise is central is achieving this. We feel that rewarding children makes them feel valued, builds confidence and motivates them to achieve. In addition rewarding good behaviour enables our pupils to realise that desirable behaviour, self-disciplne and resoonsibility to themselves and others is highly valued within our school community. We will ensure that all children regardless of age and ability are rewarded across the school. 

One way to reinforce this, children can move up to pink and then on to purple on our behaviour charts

Pink - A child will be moved on to pink if they are going above the learning behaviours expected for them to be on green. They are consistently contributing to class discussions, being on task and working collaboratively with others and also independently. Having pride in their work and impressing their teachers. 

Purple - Children move onto purple when they are being the 'best version' of themselves, which will be different for every child, and is there to recognise when a child is consistently trying their hardest in all that they do; pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. 

10 house points are awarded to children who are on pink at the end of each day and 20 to those children on purple. 

 We also recognise positive behaviour in a number of other ways; House Points, Landyard Winners, Sparkle and Shine and post cards home 

House Points 

Exceptional work, effort and good deeds are recognised by awarding team points, for which each child is a member of one of our four teams: Panthers, Lions, Tigers or Leopards. All staff across the school can award House Points at any point during the day. A cup is awarded to the winning team each week in Collective Worship and in each class the winner from each team gets to wear a special lanyard for the week. 

Sparkle and Shine 

We also reward positive behaviour and attitude each week, when every teacher nominates a child to receive our 'Sparkle and Shine' award. Shine stands for: 

Socially responsible 

High achievers 

Independent / interdependent learners 


Empowered to meet life's challenges 

A certificate and badge is given to each child who is chosen, a picture is taken and then placed in a special book, which is on display in the school hall. 

You can find our Positive Behaviour Policy, along with the Anti Bullying Policy at the bottom of this page. 

In summary our code of behaviour below outlines our expectations. 

Should children persist in making the wrong choices with regard to their behaviour, parents will be informed and asked into school to discuss the problem. In extreme cases, there are clear guidelines which the Governors and Headteacher will act upon in excluding a child from school. 

In the event of any damage being caused by pupils, to books, equipment, furnishing etc. the Governors wish parents to know that they will be responsible for paying for their replacement. 

These documents are currently in the process of being updated - 10.02.2023