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30th March 

These four girls should be feeling exceptionally proud of themselves, as we certainly are! Today, they held their fundraising event for the Syria and Turkey Earthquake appeal.

Working as a great team, they sorted all your kind donations,  priced the items and then prepared the hall ready for the sale. 

Well done girls, thanks to you we have raised a lot of money. 

Thank you for all your support.

30th March 2023

One of the Leading Parent Partnership strands is celebrating and communicating the accomplishment of our children and their families. After working hard at home, collating information and photographs, this year 5 shared her recent trip to China and Thailand.

Her presentation was highly informative and delivered with such confidence! We are extremely proud of her.

24th March 2023 

On Friday, children across the school took part in our 2nd Maths Measures day of the year. 

During the course of the day, children get to practise a variety of skills including weighing and measuring, calculating volume and money.

A great hands on way to learn.

Chair of Governors

At our last full governor meeting Mrs Katie Bullock was elected as the new chair of governors

over the school.

Many thanks to Mrs Tricia Bullock for all her commitment to the role in the previous years.

Mrs Tricia Bullock remains on the Governing Body.

During the Summer term we sent out a questionnaire regarding the

residentials that take place each year and to gauge parents’ opinion on reducing these to once every 2 years.

Thank you to the parents who returned the questionnaire.The overwhelming response from parents was to keep residentials each year. We will obviously be looking to keep the cost down as much as possible.

Thank you for the donations for Macmillan and for coming to join us for learning

and the coffee morning.

We raised £399.30.

Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) 

As previously advised, the school is taking steps towards achieving LPPA status and, following the initial meeting of the LPPA working group, we would be grateful for your comments to help steer our next actions. 

We are looking to make home-school communication as clear and straightforward as possible and so will be periodically requesting your views on a range of related matters. We will then be able to collate responses and act accordingly. 

You can access the first short questionnaire by clicking on this link: 

Year group contact email

One of the points to come out of the first meeting was regarding the practicality of being able to contact class teachers when teachers are often in class and parents at work. To this end we have set up email accounts for each year group which will be accessed by the relevant staff members in response to any pertinent queries you may have regard your child’s learning. We will endeavor to respond as soon as possible. 

These are as follows: 

May we express our thanks for all comments received via the questionnaire. The working group will be meeting again soon and if you would like to be involved then please contact the school. 

Please could the questionnaire be completed by Thursday 03 November 2022

Many thanks, Mr M Horner (LPPA lead on behalf of the LPPA working group) 

Times Table Rockstars is an award winning maths programme with a rockstar theme, designed to help children learn their times tables.

Available online and via an app (also accessible at home), Times Table Rockstars successfully gamifies times tables and equips young people with secure numeracy and arithmetic skills and a confidence in maths.

Each term, we hold a TT Rockslam.  This is where the fastest children in each class compete against each other to see who can win our TT Trophy.  The fastest 3 from each year then go head to head.

Well done to everyone who took part today and congratulations to our winners!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Macmillan Coffee morning on Thursday 29th September 2022 and for all your kind donations of cakes, buns and biscuits so we can raise as much money as possible for this fantastic charity. 

We can imagine that everyone knows someone in their family or friendship group that has been affected by this disease.

This year we are continuing to focus on improving standards in reading and in particularly building on our love of reading and the enjoyment that it can bring. If you can encourage a child to read for pleasure, they will reap the benefits. Research has clearly shown that reading for pleasure can be directly linked to a child’s success throughout their education and even into adulthood. Reading for pleasure opens up new worlds for children. It gives them the opportunity to use their imagination to explore new ideas, visit new places and meet new characters. Interestingly, reading for please also improves children’s well-being and empathy. It helps them to understand their own identity, and gives them an insight into the world and the

views of others.

This year, we will not be sending home daily reading record books but instead we will focus on recording and monitoring pupils’ current reads, and celebrating the books that children have read. Children will be coming home with a book they have chosen from their class libraries.

Please encourage your children to read their book regularly at home and also remind them to bring this to school with them every day so they can read their book during daily reading time.

They will have already recorded this book into their own Reading Log books which will remain in school so that we can monitor what they are choosing and celebrate the books they have read.

We have invested in Reading Challenge Trees for each class with new high-level texts to expose the children to a greater diversity of books and challenge even the most able of our readers.

Every Friday, we will be holding a ‘Book Club’ in each class to encourage reading for pleasure. We will spend time exploring and discussing the books we have chosen, give recommendations of books to our peers and listen to the class reading book.

We have invested time and money into re-organising and updating each Class Library but we need your help to improve these areas further for our children.

If you have any books at home that your children have read and loved but no longer read, please consider donating them to school so that we can keep our Class Libraries up to date and well-stocked for our children.

Thank you so much to the parents who have already donated books both this year and last.

Thank you for your continued support.

Lost property 

During the summer holidays, please take the time to write your child's name on all school uniform, including their PE kits. Our lost property box is constantly overflowing with items of clothing that we cannot trace who they belong to. 

Thank you. 

Contact Details 

If you have changed your phone number. email or moved house please ensure you have informed the appropriate schools so we can contact you.


Please do not park in the school car park at St John’s unless you have an arrangement with school. It is extremely dangerous pulling up into the road to drop children off and then reversing back down when children are still making their way onto the school site. If you are dropping your child off do so on St Margaret’s Avenue.

Thank you 


Choking Guidance 

Please see the attached document that gives parents/carers some guidance for food preparation to help avoid choking. 

Thank you. 

Sleep Helpline

Does your child get enough sleep? One in four children in the UK are not getting enough sleep, this has an impact on their behaviour and ability to learn, as well as their physical health. There is a free helpline run by trained sleep advisors who can talk to young people directly, or their parents. The helpline is open 5 nights a week, Sunday to Thursday, 7-9pm and the number is 03303 530 541.

You can read more here: