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Easter at St John's

Across the school, in RE children are learning all about Easter. Both upper and lower school are learning the Easter story, with children in year 5 and 6 studying it in more detail.  Additionally, Reverend Oliver Buckley has been in school, using the magical painting techniques and the art of illusion he helped children to understand the Easter story.  


The children of St John’s joined Mrs Cordle for ‘The Last Supper’, taking place in one of our collective worships, children learned all about Maundy Thursday and its relevance  to the Easter Story.

Commemorating Easter Sunday with Palm Branches dates back to Early Christian Churches. Across the school children have been learning how this relates to the Easter Story and have been making their own Palm crosses to take home. 


In year 5 children have been using pastels, blending colours to create a Light Ray Cross, they also had fun making Easter buns to take home. 


Easter Disco

  Egg rolling

 Decorated egg competition