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Our Aims

We aim to:

Friendship Stop
  • Provide a whole range of curriculum experiences and learning opportunities which enable a child to learn and grow, acquire skills and knowledge, find fulfilment and pleasure in the things he/she achieves and then eventually be able to play his/her part in the adult world.
  • Ensure that each child is cherished for who they are as well as for what they can achieve.
  • Maintain the school as a place of mutual respect and high standards, where children are encouraged to think and discover for themselves; where the love of life and learning and the appreciation of beauty can be shared and developed within a happy and peaceful atmosphere of love, care and respect.
  • Provide a place where children are given the opportunity to encounter a ‘living faith’.
  • Create an atmosphere and an ethos which reflects mutual care and concern; a clear expression of Christian values and respect and encourages those of other faiths and no faith.
  • To make inclusion central to our daily life, ensuring that children have every opportunity regardless of gender, race, culture or disability.
  • Ensure that we act as responsible stewards of the environment, seeking to minimise waste and excessive consumption and encouraging the whole school to treat creation with proper respect.