Sports Leaders

Once children reach year 5 and 6, they have the opportunity to become a Sports Leader. A role which brings great responsibility and enjoyment. It a a role that has developed over the last two years into one which allows children to become role models within the school as well as developing their basic coaching skills in a range of sports. 

Children who want to become a Sports Leader have to show good sporting ability but also skills in leadership, responsibility, time management, team work, organisation and teamwork. They  have to complete an application form and be interviewed by Mr Priest, the schools Sports Coach. 

This year, we have had a fantastic number of children wanting to train to become a Sports Leader. A role that will give them the opportunity to work alongside our lunchtime support staff to deliver sports activity sessions at dinner time. Each Leader is allocated a number of lunch times per week in which they are responsible for organising and running physical activities of their choice. They will also get the opportunity to support Mr Priest with the running of after school clubs and also at sporting events. 

The 25 children selected have all completed the Sports Leader training delivered by Mr Priest, to develop their confidence and subject knowledge. The aim is to provide all children at St John's with more opportunities to take part in physical activity and to develop fundamental skills that will help them in P.E and sport.