School Day/Times

Staggered school opening and finishing times from March 8th 2020 during Covid 19 

Following the Government guidelines in relation to Coronavirus, we will be putting into place staggered start and finish times across the year groups. Children must arrive between their allocated times and go straight to their classroom via the external classroom doors. They must not go onto the playground.  

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 we are not following the timetable below at the moment. To ensure that each class bubble remains away other class bubbles, each of them are running their own timetable throughout the day. 

Morning bell  8.52 am 
 Register  8.55 to 9.00 am 
 Maths  9.00 to 9.50 am 
 Collective worship  9.50 to 10.10 am (except on a Friday when Collective Worship commences at 9.05am)
 Maths 10.10 to 10.40 am 
 Break 10.40 to 10.55 am 
 English  10.55 to 12.10 pm
 Lunch  12.10 to 1.10 pm 
 Afternoon Lessons  1.10 to 3.20 pm  
School Finishes  3.20 pm 

Children should aim to arrive at school between 8.45am and 8.50am, when they should go into the playground located behind our School. Playground supervision by a member of staff begins at 8.45am, please ensure that your child does not arrive before this time unless agreement for arriving earlier than this has been arranged with your child's class teacher. 

Children must use the pedestrian walkways. No child should go onto the driveway and car parking areas. We cannot guarantee the safety of, or accept responsibility for, any child using the latter. It is a very busy main entrance. 

A playground bell is rung at 8.52am when children come into school for registration, if children arrive after 8.55am they should enter school via the main entrance and register at the school office.

In the event of wet weather, children can come into class from 8.45am, where teaching staff will supervise them. If children arrive earlier than this, we cannot guarantee that there will be a member of staff in the classroom to let your child into school. 

Children go outside to play even if the weather is wet; therefore please send your child to school with appropriate clothing. Please also refer to our school uniform page.  In addition, on especially hot days, it is advisable to send your child to school with a hat and apply suntan cream at home.

Break times are supervised by 2/3 members of teaching staff.  

Our lunch times are split into two sittings with children on the second sitting going out to play whilst children on first sitting eat their lunch. This happens on a weekly rotation with years 3 and 4 dining together first one week and the years 5 and 6 the next. Lunch times are supervised by teaching staff, lunchtime supervisors and Sports Coach. 

Please ensure your child brings a labelled water bottle to school daily. Children are allowed a healthy snack at morning break; a tuck-shop, selling healthy snacks is open most days.   

Unauthorised vehicles do not have the use of the School car park, particularly for “picking up” and “dropping off” children at the start of school and the end of the school day. We frequently experience problems with the congested area along St. Margaret Avenue at School start and finish and at School functions. There are numerous incidents of the bus being stuck or held up, minor bumps and thoughtless parking across the driveways of our neighbours. The Police have warned and taken action with offenders and we wish to have a friendly relationship with our neighbours. Please park thoughtfully to support the School and neighbourhood in this matter.