Sports Premium

Here at St John's we welcomed the announcement by the Government to provide additional funding to schools to improve provision of Physical Education and Sport in Primary Schools. 

Our Vision for PE

Our vision for PE, at Deepcar St John’s CEJ School, is to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to take part in and show progression through a variety of different sporting activities according to their needs and abilities. We believe that sport is integral to all children’s growth and feel that it plays a key part in their spiritual, moral and cultural development.

How We Are Making Our Vision a Reality

At Deepcar St John’s, we believe it is important for children to take part in a range of both competitive and non-competitive sports. Through competition and challenge we want pupils to be able to celebrate the occasions when they are successful, whilst realising that team work and fair play has a key role to play in not only the sporting world but also their own lives. For this to be achieved, all children take part in 2 hours a week of PE lessons. As well as this, they are encouraged to take part in active sessions at lunch time through the use of imaginative play, playground leader games or timetabled football days. After school sports clubs run every day led by our PE coach. As well as these opportunities, Deepcar St John’s take part in competitions, usually after school, against other schools in the local area. This allows the children the chance to put skills learnt during lessons into practise and also gives them the opportunity to make links with other sporting clubs in the local area.

How the Government are helping to develop PE?

To help support with the development and delivery of PE, the Department of Education and Department of Health have set up a funding programme known as ‘The PE and School Sports Grant’ (Sport Premium) This year Primary Schools are receiving a grant of £16,000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil. This money is used to promote the development of PE during curriculum and after school hours. To help make the correct decisions for our school we have chosen to continue working alongside the School Sports Partnership called LINKs. This company do what their name suggests and provide links with other local schools for competitions, links with our feeder Secondary School and links with local sporting communities. For more information about LINKS please visit

After School Clubs

The types of sports clubs we offer change on a termly or half-termly basis so that we offer a range of activities appealing to the different interests and ages of children at our school.  We offer Football, Basketball, Futsal, Kwik Cricket, Tag Rugby, Table Tennis, Cricket, Benchball, Orienteering, Tennis, Street Dance and Den Building.

Sporting Events 2018/2019 

Girls and Boys Dodgeball tournament, 2nd and 3rd Place, Bradfield School, 28th January 2019 

Girls Futsal City Finals, All Saints School, 2nd place, 23rd January 2019

Boys Futsal tournament, Bradfield High School, 2nd place, 21st January 2019 

Girls Futsal tournament, Bradfield High School, Tournament winners, 14th January 2019

Y5/6 Boys Football league tournament, Stocksbridge Junior School,  2nd place, 18th October 2018  

Y6 Rowing competition, Park Centre, 1st place, 19th October 2018

Y5/6 Athletics competition, Stocksbridge High School, 2nd place, 13th November 2018 

Y3 Inclusive Sports Event, All Saints School, 1st and 2nd place - football,  23rd November 2018


Sporting Events 2017/2018 

Sports Conference for school leaders, 27 September 2017

Sports Hall athletics, Y5/6 Stocksbridge High School, 2nd place, 21 Nov 2017

Y4/5 Boys Futsal at Bradfield School, 2nd place, 15 January 2018

Y4/5 girls Futsal at Stocksbridge High School, 6 February 2018     

Y5/6 Dodgeball at Ponds Forge 15 February 2018, 1st place

Links Partnership Games w/b 19 March 2018

KS2 Mini tennis at Stocksbridge High School 27 March 2018

Y3 Hotshots basketball tournament at Bradfield comprehensive 30th April 2018 - Won 2, drew 2 and lost 1. 

Y5 Hotshots basketball tournament at Stocksbridge High School 1st May 2018


Sports Leaders

Our Sports leaders have volunteered and been chosen to lead activities at lunchtimes, and help with After School Clubs and Sporting Events to develop leadership skills. Every day they deliver activities at lunch time to help every child meet the active 30 mins.

Once children reach Year 5 and 6, they have the opportunity to become a Sports Leader.  In order to become a Sports Leader, children have to complete an application form and be interviewed by Mr Priest, the school Sports Coach. We currently have 18 Sports Leaders.

Sports Leaders run lunchtime games and activities in the playground for other children in school and help at After School Clubs and other Sporting Events.  Each Sports Leader is allocated a number of lunchtimes per week in which they are responsible for running physical activities of their choice.  Sports Leaders regularly meet with Mr Priest, where any concerns or issues that may have can be discussed. 

The initiative is designed to:

Involve children in group games 

To ensure playtimes are fun and enjoyable 

To help children meet the 30 minutes per day active target 

Develop skills in responsibility and leadership in our year 5 and 6 children.

The documents below shows details of how Deepcar St John's spends this additional funding. 

 Year              Amount 
 2018/2019 £17750
 2017/2018 £16,860
 2016/2017 £8980