Behaviour at St John's

Good behaviour and discipline are the key foundations of good education. Without an orderly atmosphere, effective
teaching and learning cannot take place. If children are permitted to misbehave 
in school, they prejudice their own educational chances and worse, they disrupt the education of children around them. 

Exceptional work, effort and good deeds are recognised by awarding team points, for which each child is a member of one of our four teams: Panthers, Lions, Tigers or Leopards. When they are awarded points, the child gets to post them in a collecting box. A cup is awarded to the winning team each week in Collective Worship.

We also reward positive behaviour and attitude each week, when every teacher nominates a child to receive our 'Sparkle and Shine' award. A certificate and badge is given to each child, a picture is taken and then placed in our special book, which is on display in our school hall. If you go to 'Our Pupils' on the button at the top of this page, and then Sparkle and Shine, you can see our Sparkle and Shine winners. 

In order to continue to promote our high standards of behaviour in school and make sure our children are “ready to learn” in a safe positive environment, we follow our Positive Behaviour Policy. In school we have a set of "Golden Rules" which are followed through a traffic light system. On the rare occasion a few of our children choose not to follow the “Golden Rules” these are the steps: 

Green: All children start on a green card and remain on a green card while they demonstrate excellent behaviour and “readiness to learn” 

Yellow: A child will be placed on an yellow card if they have not made the right choices after being given a warning. 

TIME OUT: A child will be given a short amount of “time out” in class to think about making the right choices so they are “ready to learn”

Red Card: If a Golden Rule is broken again in the same lesson they will receive a red card. This means they will go to work in a buddy class, lose their playtime and spend this time writing a letter to reflect on their choices. This letter will come home, giving you the opportunity to discuss this with your child. 

Buddy Class: This is another class in school.

In summary our code of behaviour below outlines our expectations. 

  • Every pupil has the right to learn without being distracted by the bad behaviour of others. 
  • Every pupil in our school is valued - Physical or Verbal abuse will not be tolerated 
  • We encourage mutual respect, understanding and tolerance towards all members of our school. We do not accept discrimination in any form. 
  • All children should respect school property and the property of others. 
Should children persist in making the wrong choices with regard to their behaviour, parents will be informed and asked into school to discuss the problem. In extreme cases, there are clear guidelines which the Governors and Headteacher will act upon in excluding a child from school. 

In the event of any damage being caused by pupils, to books, equipment, furnishing etc. the Governors wish parents to know that they will be responsible for paying for their replacement. 

There is a link at the bottom of this page to our Positive Behaviour Policy and Anti Bullying Policy. If you have any queries please get in touch with the Headteacher. 

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