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Here at St John's we believe that taking part in competitive sports is an important part of a child's education for a number of reasons.  

Competition teaches children to try their best. Keeping score gives us extra motivation to succeed. We pursue excellence when we compete. It also teaches them to manage their nerves. When something is out of our comfort zone or pushes us to perform, it’s normal to feel fluttery within. Competition brings those butterflies out, so we can work on managing them. A trait that children will carry with them when taking exams, interviewing for jobs and giving presentations.

Often children fear competition, making it into something scarier or more important than it needs to be. When they compete, they realize that it wasn’t so scary after all and it is also ok to take risks, helping children to develop in confidence to try things that they may find hard. 

 Additionally, taking part in competitions helps teach children to play by rules. Learning to operate within rules and helps us to learn to win and lose with grace.  

Competition is fun. Most people enjoy games. They have fun playing them. Being a part of team makes us feel like we belong and help build self-esteem. When you develop a talent and work hard for a result, it feels great. When you fail and learn that can bounce back, you feel more confident in yourself because you understand that you have resilience.

Finally, competition helps children to perform better in school. Data shows that high school students who play sport are less likely to drop out. Furthermore, participation in sports also has been associated with completing more years of education and consistently higher grades in school. Not surprising that the discipline and goal setting that is learned in competitive sports helps in school.

Towards the end of every school year, we hold a  'Sports Day', in which parents are invited to attend. Prior to the day, children start to practise for the big day in their PE lessons. On the day, children are put into their House Point Teams and compete against each other in numerous track and field events. 

Sports Leaders is a new scholarship that we are running in school for year 5 and 6 children. Over the coming year they will be working with o Mr Priest, gaining experience in teaching sport to other children in school.

Sports Leaders is something which is normally introduced at secondary school, for those children who are considering a career in sport. We have introduced this for our year 5 and 6 children to give them valuable experience and to prepare them for high school, in a fun but educational way. 

Under the direction of Mr Priest, one of our year 6 boys is having a go at refereeing a football match. 


As a school, we enter into numerous sporting competitions, often being held at Stocksbridge High School and organised by 'Links'. So far this year we have taken part in Basket Ball, Football, Boccia, Multi-Sports, Athletics and Frisbee and have many more planned for the rest of the year. 

We were also very lucky to have Gareth Howell visit our school. He is the Sheffield Development coach for the British Judo Association. He travels around schools in our area giving children taster sessions in Judo.  

Our year 5 and 6's recently enjoyed a trip to the EIS to watch the Sheffield Sharks take on the Glasgow Rocks in a thrilling basketball game. 

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