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School Choir

Singing is good for you emotionally, physically and socially. It can help to develop a child’s imagination and creativity and allows them to try new skills in a safe environment. Being part of a school choir creates a sense of togetherness, gives children a sense of belonging and helps them to make new friends. A place for sharing, laughter and fun. 

The School Choir which meet once a week after school on a Thursday.  It is open to all children, of any ability, who are committed to giving up their time for learning songs and rehearsing for the many shows and concerts they attend. They regularly sing at the Bolsterstone Church, St John's Church and The Venue, Stocksbridge. 

We are very grateful to Miss Danks, who gives up her time each week to run choir practise and to accompany them to many musical events. 

Choir News and Updates

3rd February 2020

On Monday 3rd February choir headed to London to watch Alice in Wonderland, being performed at the Royal Opera House. The children had a magical day and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Thank you to Amaia's grandma, who applied for funding and tickets for the trip. 


Young Voices - 8th January 2020

Each year Deepcar St John's Choir attend the Young Voices concert held at the Sheffield Arena. This is the biggest school choir event in the world with over 5000 children attending from all over the region. At the start of the school year, Young Voices share the words, choreography  and music with all the schools taking part and they start rehearsing for the big day.  

As they are surrounded by darkness, music starts to swell as you wait in anticipation. Countless torches flicker into existence like fireflies in a summer’s night. You feel the tension, the energy, the excitement. As the house lights come back up, a wave of voices fills the air; a colossal chorus in harmony, thousands of young children singing together for the same reason. The pure joy of singing. These were the opening scenes at this year’s Young Voices concert, where school choirs from across the country came together to perform simultaneously at the Arena, to capacity audiences of friends and family.  It’s a powerful experience for all involved, a show of a lifetime and one that they will always remember.  

Thank you to Miss Danks for arranging the for our children who got to experience a powerful and memorable evening. Thank you also to Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Haywood, who both volunteered to give up their evening to accompany the children.

We also need to thank our office staff, especially Mrs Stocks, who sorted out the tickets and T.shirts on Tuesday.

Thank you ladies!