Worship Committee

Our Worship committee is a group of children, led by Miss Jones, that help and arrange what we do in daily worship times in school. The children of the worship committee help plan themes and decide on what songs we sing. They also help to set up the hall for worship every day, and  take part in prayers and other parts of the worship. Once a term, our committee plans and leads our own worship time too. There are representatives from every year in the school, and they all love to contribute and discuss ideas.  They also evaluate worship times and share ideas on what can be improved.

Worship Committee News and Updates

Tuesday 10th December

With Christmas fast approaching and In the midst of all our preparation for the festivities, we are mindful of the need to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.People all over the world will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and sharing in the joy that this brings. We have a special Christmas tree in our Prayer Area, set up by the Worship Committee where children can write on a bauble what they are thankful for this Christmas. We have had some really lovely messages of thanks written on the baubles and placed on the tree.

Here are just a few photos

Tuesday 4th November

This mornings Collective Worship was led by our Worship Committee. The hard work, time and dedication that they had put into presenting in a fun, interactive and engaging way was unbelievable. Well done! We can't wait for the next one!

Tuesday 5th October

Over the last few weeks, our Worship Committee have been hard at work preparing for their Collective Worship, which took place yesterday. They started with reading a Bible verse and getting the children to discuss and share its meaning. This followed with a powerpoint presentation sharing information on St John the Apostle, which included a poem written by him. This followed with a quote; Our love should not be just words and talk; it must be be true love, which shows itself in action, which they asked the children to discuss. The worship finished with them saying a prayer which they had written.

Huge congratulations to them all - It takes a lot of courage to speak in front of a hall full of children. Well done!

Tuesday 15th October

Following our work in school on Plastic Pollution, our Worship Committee have asked the rest of the school to generate ideas on how we can reduce plastic waste both in school and at home. They have then collated the results and wrote a letter to parents and carers asking if they can make small changes at home to help support us in our aim to reduce plastic waste.

Tuesday 1st October

Collective Worship this morning was led by our newly formed Worship Committee. They talked to the children about the meaning of being 'Generous'. They also presented the year 3 children with their 'Bibles', which will stay with them in school for them to refer to in RE lessons, and will then be theirs to take home when they leave year 4. Our Worship Committee have also been responsible for setting up a new prayer area in school, a calm place for children to go, reflect and pray.

Mrs Pearce,
12 Oct 2019, 10:52
Mrs Pearce,
12 Oct 2019, 10:52