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RE is taught once a week across the school. We also visit our local church, Deepcar St John's at Christmas for our Junior Carol Service and at Harvest time.  At our Harvest service we bring food collected at school, kindly donated beforehand by parents and families of our children, all the food collected is donated to the Stocksbridge Food Bank, which is run by The Hub church on the High Street. 


In the Autumn term our RE topics will be;

 Y3/4     Creation/Fall 
 Y5 God 
 Y6 God 
 Pilgrimage: Islam and Eid 

Easter is a major date in the Christian calendar and is celebrated in many ways across the school. The Easter story is our main study in our RE lessons and assemblies. 
Our year 4 children acting out the Easter Story


 Reverend Oliver Buckley has also been back in school, helping the children to understand the Easter story with one of his magical assemblies. 


The children of St John’s joined Mrs Cordle for ‘The Last Supper’, taking place in one of our collective worships, children learned all about Maundy Thursday and its relevance to the Easter Story. 


Commemorating Easter Sunday with Palm Branches dates back to Early Christian Churches. Across the school children have been learning how this relates to the Easter Story and have been making their own Palm crosses to take home. 


In year 5 children have used pastels to create their own Light Ray Crosses. 

Collective worship takes place at St John's everyday except Fridays when it is our special 'Sparkle and Shine' and Birthday assembly.  We are very lucky at St John's to have a number of visitors,  a regular visitor is Reverend Hilda Issacson, who joins us with her friends from church to act out a story from the children's bible with their Open the Book assemblies. As well as  Rev Hilda, Reverend Oliver and Michael Tinker also visit the school on a regular basis, and are much loved by the children. 

Reverend Oliver uses illusion and art to help children understand his message. 

 Michael Tinker uses music and puppets to help children understand his message. 

Reverend Hilda and 'Open the Book' using  reenactment to help children understand stories from the Bible.