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One of Mrs Needhams roles as our learning mentor, is to teach PSHE across the school on a weekly basis. 

This half term, the topic is 'New Beginnings', which is all about helping our children explore new things with confidence.

 The NSPCC have launched a new video, called 'Share Aware,' which helps children understand the importance of not sharing personal information whilst online. The video can be found by clicking on the following; 
https://youtu.be/lGIEKGJRWEo  Additionally, there is also another website which is a really useful guide to the social networks your children may be using  https://www.net-aware.org.uk/

Last half term, the theme was 'It's good to be me'. The children will be exploring how every individual is unique and special. She will also be helping the children to focus on the positive aspects of themselves to develop a sense of self worth and self esteem. In a recent lesson, children had great fun, interviewing each other, finding out what they are good at and what they enjoyed doing. 

During the first half term of the school year, she has talked to the children about bullying. This included: looking at different types of bullying, the effects of bullying and what you should do if you feel that you are being bullied. Additionally, the week before Bonfire night, she discussed with the children how to keep themselves safe.   After bullying, Mrs Needham has helped the children to understand the need to keep themselves safe whilst online. Talking about different ways you can access the internet, the dangers of giving our personal information online and what they should do if someone tries to find out information about them, raising awareness of 'Stranger Danger'.


Bonfire night safety 

Internet safety