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The teaching of French is led by Miss Danks, Y4 class teacher, who is a fluent French speaker. We follow the I Languages scheme of work which is in line with the new National Curriculum.   

Four years ago, Miss Danks taught French across the school with the class teacher assisting and learning how to teach the I Languages Scheme.
This was in order to give teachers the knowledge and experience they needed to teach the French curriculum themselves.

In 2016/17, Year 3 and 4 teachers taught French to their own class with Miss Danks acting as the Specialist Lead, who was consulted when necessary. This school year, all teachers are teaching French in school with Miss Danks acting as Specialist Lead.

This system has worked extremely well. Teachers are confident in what they are doing and the children enjoy their French lessons. The learning which has taken place is often show cased in the Class assemblies at the end of each term.

Essential Learning Objectives 
To read fluently 
To write imaginatively 
To speak confidently 
To understand the culture of the countries in which the language is spoken 

Please see the attached French Curriculum overview document at the bottom of this page to see what each year group will be learning in French each term. 

Y3 - Colours 


Y4 - Food

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