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Essential Learning Objectives: To develop practical skills in order to participate, compete and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our PE focus for Spring term 2017/2018 will be 

 Year 3/4

 Year 5Dance 

 Year 6Dance/ Basketball 

Summer term 2 - 2016/2017

In our PE lessons over the coming weeks, we will be working with the children preparing them for Sports day. We will be practising our field skills; Javelin, shot put, long jump and target throw. Additionally, we will also be practising for our track events; hurdles, 25m sprint and the relay race. 

Year 4 - Practising javelin. 


Summer term 1

Year 3 

This half term in outdoor PE, with Mr Thompson, the children will be practising their striking and fielding skills by learning how to play a football/ cricket game. Many of the rules will be adapted from cricket, but this game is played with a plastic bat and ball (for obvious safety and physical reasons) and is a fun way of getting children into cricket and develop their skills. It is a fully inclusive game where the emphasis is on participation and enjoyment and is specifically tailored for children up to the age of 11.  In our indoor PE lessons, Mrs Haywood will be helping the children to develop their Gymnastic skills, starting off with 'Time to travel'. Children will be finding different ways of travelling around the hall, moving on one foot or both feet, using other body parts,  their hands and feet or imitating the movement of animals.  

Year 4 and 5 (One lesson per week) 

We are really looking forward to seeing the ideas that the children come up with, in their 'Creative Games' themed PE lessons with Mrs Haywood. During the course of the half term, they will be working in groups and coming up with a new outdoor game. Once they have finalised their idea, they will share their plan with the rest of the class, presenting how the game works, the rules and the equipment that they will need. They will then give their idea a test run, making any necessary changes. Finally, the whole class will then play each of the games that have been created.

Year 4, 5 (one lesson per week) and 6 - Tennis 

The game of tennis involves a lo of physical activities. It requires speed, endurance, agility and flexibility. Additionally, it is a great sport to help improve hand eye co-ordination 

Last half term, across the school, in PE, children were practising their skipping skills. Skipping gives the body a full work out, using abdominal muscles to stabilise the body, legs for jumping and shoulders and arms for turning the rope. Learning to skip teaches the children a lifelong fitness activity. Once the children have accomplished the basic skipping skills, they will move on to learning more complex ways of skipping.


Having a hockey lesson with Mr Matthieson from Links in preparation for a hockey tournament.

Practising their skipping in preparation for our sponsored skip in aid of the British Heart Foundation.




Having Basketball training with Mr Matthieson from Links in preparation for us entering a tournament 

Street Dance

Gymnastics - Learning how to roll.




Imitating a pack of cards 'Dance'

Indoor Orienteering 


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