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Essential Learning Objectives: 


Working Scientifically:  To understand plants 
                                     To understand animals and humans 
                                     To investigate living things 
                                     To understand evolution and inheritance 


To investigate materials: To understand movement, forces, and magnets 
                                        To understand the Earth's movement in space 
                                        To investigate light and seeing 
                                        To investigate sound and hearing 
                                        To understand electrical circuits 

Our Changing World is a unit of work that is looked at in each year and monitors the changes in the environment around school and classification of plants/animals/habitats. Regular visits to this unit will be made throughout the year (approximately once a term). 

In the first term our Science modules will be: 

 Year 3/4Human Impact. 
 Year 5Earth and Beyond 
 Year 6Our Changing World 


How does your garden grow
Planting potatoes 

How does your garden grow?
In recent lessons children have set up a fair test investigation to find out the effect of removing the leaves from a plant. They will make observations over the next few weeks and summarise their findings. 


Y4 - 'Switched on'

Y4 - In a state 
Investigating materials 

To be able to define a solid and liquid. 


Reproduction of Plants


  Marvellous Mixtures 
Separating liquids and solids

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