International Relationships

Approximately two years ago, Miss Danks, made contact with a school in India - The Heritage School in Jammu. Since then we have worked on a number of projects together. The first project involved each school preparing information text on school life.  

Since then we have sent information on Bonfire night, which they have said they have loved reading as they knew nothing about how we celebrate Bonfire Fire night. Our work is on display in their school. 

We have received a package from India all about the Indian festival of Diwali. Our children have very much enjoyed looking through all the posters and information booklets sent to us and learning more about this festival. 

In recent weeks, we have started to communicate via our mutual Facebook pages. This means we can communicate instantly with each other, see pictures and watch videos of what each school has been learning.  It is truly amazing. 

Images of the work that we created on Bonfire night sent to India

Celebrating Diwali through dance 
Our year 5s watching a Facebook video

Images of the pupils in India, looking at the work we sent them 

The work we sent them on Bonfire night is now on display at the Heritage School. 

The pupils in India are watching one of our Christmas videos posted on our Facebook page. 

Our year 5s are looking at the children's work from the Heritage School, on the Indian festival of Diwali.