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Class Assemblies

Towards the end of each term, each year group starts to prepare for their assembly, a time for them to share what they have been learning with the rest of the school, parents and family members. 

It takes a lot of courage for a child to stand and speak in front of such a big audience. In doing so, it helps to teach them to manage their nerves. When something is out of a child's comfort zone it is normal to have butterflies, taking part in our assemblies, brings these butterflies out, helps a child to manage these feelings. This is a life skill they are learning, giving them the skills to take forward into adulthood and will help them in the future when it comes to taking exams or going for college or job interviews. 

At the end of our assemblies, we always ask for feedback and parents and family members say they love coming into school to hear all about what their children have been learning in school. 

Year 3 
Summer Term 2017

Year 4 
Summer Term 2017

Year 5 
Autumn Term 2017 

Summer Term 2017