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Y3 travel back in time to WW2

posted 15 Jan 2016, 01:36 by Mrs Bell   [ updated 15 Jan 2016, 01:44 ]
On Tuesday, Year 3 travelled back in time to 1939 to experience and learn more about life during WW2.

Many of the children came dressed up as evacuees, bring their gas masks and suitcases with them. The children certainly looked the part, and it all added to the experience. 

Throughout the day, the children took part in a real host of hands on activities.  They became part of the Home Guard and National Fire Service, took a trip into an Anderson Shelter, and cracked secret codes. 

During WW2, many people were evacuated  to the countryside for safety.  The children used their skills of deduction to try to find out more about the person whos suitcase they unpacked. The children had to look carefully at the clothing and other items in the suitcase to try to work out who it might belong to. The children were great detectives!

As well as this, we looked around the museum at many of the items on display. We saw a bomb which would have been dropped from a Lancaster Bomber aeroplane. It was as big as an elephant!

Y3 had a great day!