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WOW Week!

posted 19 Nov 2014, 04:33 by Mrs Riley   [ updated 19 Nov 2014, 04:38 ]
This week is WOW Week (Writing On the Walls Week). Our main focus has been poetry. The teachers have turned our music room into the WOW room by completely covering the walls and floor in cardboard. In this room we can demonstrate our skills in writing. It is great fun writing on the floor!

In Set 7 and 8, we have created our own poems all about a stormy night. In the WOW room we worked together to generate ideas and sentences that we could use in our poem. We then wrote our ideas up either on the wall or the floor! 


This is Leah Atkinson's (Y6)poem:

Violent winds launch fragments,
in an angry rage.
Livid lightning strikes iron leaves.
Treacherous trees tear from their roots,
striking down to the ground.
Dominating clouds cascade 
to a swirling storm of hatred.
Once a world of happiness,
no more...

This is Isobelle McGrail's (Y4) Poem:

Clouds roll in and lightning starts,
like a scribble of white paint,
across the night sky.
Like a thousand howling wolves,
the rumbling of thunder begins,
crashing through the village.
Everything stops;
the silence is disturbed,
by the pitter patter of rain.
Screeching hail starts,around the helpless, little village. 

This post has been written by the children in Literacy Set 8.