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Wishing you all a very merry Christmas

posted 19 Dec 2014, 08:44 by Mrs Bradwell   [ updated 19 Dec 2014, 08:44 ]
We had a lovely final assembly today and we concluded our story about the candle maker who was searching to make the perfect candle. She found her perfect candle in a tall white candle that a visitor brought to her house. This candle reminds us of Jesus, He was the Messiah, the one who all the prophets were looking forward to.

To finish off we sang two gorgeous Christmas songs, Turn Down the Lights and Hope of Heaven. We lit candles to remind us that Jesus is the light of our world. This is why we celebrate Christmas , because we remember the time when Jesus was born, the time that all the prophets were waiting for, just like the candle maker who waited and waited for the perfect candle. 

When Jesus arrives, we know that God is truly with us. 

19.12.14 - Final Assembly

From all the staff at Deepcar St John's Junior School, we wish you all a safe and 'Merry Christmas' and a 'Happy New Year'.