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Powerful Poetry from Set 8.

posted 11 Sept 2015, 08:06 by Mrs Riley
In set 8 we have been studying the features of poetry with a main focus on imagery and personification applied it to our own poems.

This is the picture stimulus we used:

Here are some of the stanzas we created: 

Wind powered at the sails causing destruction,
Fear caused chaos around the sky,
Waves pounded rapidly,
Thunder whipped around the bleak air,
Then all went quiet.

Jacob Pearce Y6

Bleakness patrolled the thunderous sky like a thug sauntering down a dark alleyway,
Lightning played around the lone, weather-beaten ship like nymphs skipping joyfully,
Nightmares and dark horses of animosity galloped towards the stricken ship,
Then silence...

Jack Adams Y5