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Poetry Recital

posted 16 Dec 2014, 03:21 by Mrs Bradwell   [ updated 16 Dec 2014, 04:35 ]
On Friday 21st of November we finished off WOW week with a wonderful poetry recital. During the week we had been focusing our attention to poetry and completing exciting tasks in the WOW room - see Mrs Riley's earlier post. Whilst in class we practised and practised, learning our poem off-by-heart, with expression, intonation and choreographing accompanying moves!

Every English set had learnt a poem to recite to the school and performed it during the assembly on Friday 21st. The teachers were our judges (although they didn't judge their own set otherwise that would have been unfair!) and gave scores out of ten. Some teachers were very animated and really added some pizzazz!

                          Judges 1              Judges 2             Judges 3

 Here are a couple of videos of the event...