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Our Changing World-Spring is here!

posted 14 Apr 2016, 09:40 by Mrs Bell   [ updated 18 Apr 2016, 02:35 by Mrs Bradwell ]
Year 3 Science

Since returning back to school after the Easter holiday, Year 3 have been investigating the changes that are happening outside in our school environment

In September last year, we adopted a Sycamore tree, and we have been observing the tree since then. In Autumn, the leaves began to turn brown and fell off. In winter, the tree lost all of its leaves. Now it is Spring and we have recently been out to observe the changes.  We could see buds growing on the branches, which will soon turn into leaves. 

After this, we went on a hunt for other signs of Spring around our school grounds. There were plenty of Spring flowers such as:
-Lesser Celandine
Can you spot them as you walk around school?

Listening quietly, we could hear the sound of birds busily singing whilst collecting nesting material.

Over the Summer term, we are going to be improving our school grounds by adding bird and bat boxes. In addition, we will be planting a variety of plants which will hopefully attract bees and other insects to our school grounds. We look forward to the arrival of Summer, when we will then be able to study the flowers and wildlife around school.