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In a State!

posted 8 Oct 2015, 09:48 by Mrs Stewart   [ updated 8 Oct 2015, 10:04 ]
In Year 4, we are really enjoying our 'In a state' science topic. We have carried out lots of exciting investigations to find out more about solids, liquids and gases. These have included: ice hands, raisins in lemonade, weighing air and many more.

This week, we have been thinking about the processes of evaporation and condensation. As well as watching what happened as a kettle boiled next to a window, we observed ice in an air tight container and discussed how water had ended up on the outside. We learnt how the processes of evaporation and condensation work and looked at real life contexts, giving our own scientific explanations as to what was happening and why.

The children have already been coming back into school, excited to share about where they've seen water droplets formed as a result of condensation.