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Homework Extravaganza!

posted 22 Sept 2015, 00:00 by Mrs Bell   [ updated 22 Sept 2015, 00:20 ]
To kick start our topic 'Ancient Egypt', Year 3 were asked to complete a research task. Children were asked to find five interesting facts about Ancient Egypt. Children had the choice of how they presented this information. 

The range of homework completed was fantastic! Many children created posters and 3D pyramids, which they displayed facts on. Others gathered them in their homework book. Keep your eyes peeled as a display is being made with the children's creations.

Did you know...?

'Cats were considered to be sacred animals' -Owen 

'Their alphabet consisted of 23 letters, plus 700 other phonetic signs. Their writing was called hieroglyphics'-Mollie

'Unwrapped, the bandages of an Ancient Egyptian mummy could stretch for 1.6km!'-Chloe

We had a great afternoon sharing and listening to everyone's homework. It is great to see so many children enjoying learning at home too!