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Friday 30th January - Maths in the Snow

posted 9 Feb 2015, 02:54 by Mrs Bradwell   [ updated 9 Feb 2015, 02:54 ]
Despite the snow causing closures around the city, we came back to school and ready to learn! 
Set 8 decided to use the snow to their advantage and bring in their knowledge of circles to combine their maths with the snow!

     First we made a snowball...  Making the snowball    Then we needed to cut it in half as accurately as possible...    Cutting it in half   

   Each snowball was measured to find it's radius and diameter... Measuring the snowball        measuring the snowball ...which were used in the following formulae to find the area and circumference of the snowball!


Some children were allowed to use a calculator to calculate using Pi at 3.14159 and some were not so they had to multiply using a pencil and paper method called Gelosia.

Calculating         Gelosia

It was lovely to enjoy the snow and complete some challenging maths!