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Eco Warriors

posted 3 Jun 2016, 06:57 by Mrs Bell   [ updated 3 Jun 2016, 06:57 ]
At the beginning of the term, Mrs Bell told the children about a new and exciting award which the school is going to be working towards...the Eco School Award!

As a school, we look after our school environment and are constantly finding ways to try to improve it for our wildlife and for us. However, there is much more that we can do! A team of 'Eco Warriors' have been chosen to help lead this project. One child from each class was chosen and since then they have been hammering away with making some improvements. 

Eco Warriors

Our first project is to improve the environment for birds and bats. We have been building bird and bat boxes which will then be place in trees around school. The task was rather tricky and required some help from Mrs Stewart, Mrs Haywood and Mr Horner. Hopefully, over the coming years we will see some new residents in and around school!