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Drop Everything and Read Week!

posted 10 Mar 2015, 08:57 by Mrs Riley   [ updated 10 Mar 2015, 08:59 ]
Last week was DEAR week (Drop Everything And Read Week) at St. John's! We dedicated this week to the joy of reading. During DEAR, whenever the school bell rang, we had to drop everything we were doing and read! This was great fun as we never knew when the bell was going to sound. We read during lessons in class. In our PE lessons we dropped everything and read. We even read during assembly! There was a fantastic buzz and lots excitement around the school. 
Here's what we thought: 

Dear week is great because it gives everybody a chance to read in the middle of the day! The bell went off at random times so it was fun. We had to everything. We don't know when the bell is going to ring. William Steward Y6TR

I like DEAR week because it's fun when you have to drop everything and read when the bell goes. Finlay Kew Y5NT/HB

I have enjoyed DEAR because we can bring in anything we want and the bell goes at the weirdest times like when we are doing hockey! Leah Atkinson Y6TR
DEAR was great because the children were thoroughly engaged and enjoyed themselves. Also the atmosphere it created and the way the children then engaged with their lessons was tremendous. Mrs Stevens                  

DEAR was great because of the opportunity to suddenly be whisked off somewhere totally different in the middle of a lesson - quite surreal! Then, equally suddenly, return to the real world. Mr Horner 

I enjoyed DEAR week because it united the whole school for five minutes on a common theme. It was lovely to know at this one time everyone was doing the same thing wherever they were in school. Mrs Bradwell