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Becoming Egyptologists for the day!

posted 24 Nov 2015, 00:09 by Mrs Bell   [ updated 24 Nov 2015, 07:36 ]
Last Friday Year 3 visited Weston Park museum in Sheffield to learn more about Ancient Egyptian civilization. The day was split into two parts: taking part in a 'Journey into the Afterlife' workshop and then we took part in an 'Ancient Egypt trail' around the museum. 


The children were surprised to see two resident mummies, which were bought by the museum for just £12 some years ago! Both of these mummies were taken over the road to the hospital and were x-rayed to learn more about who they were. 

In the workshop, the children learnt about the gruesome process of mummification. They used different tools to pull out the brains and other organs. Of course it was only a puppet, but the children had great fun! Also, they learnt about the different objects that would be taken with them into the afterlife. Often, they placed amulets in between the layers of the bandages and also shabtis. A shabti is  a small human figurine which they thought would magically grow and become their servant in the afterlife.
We are hoping to make our own amulets-so keep a look out for our art work.