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Art Day...

posted 8 Oct 2014, 23:28 by Mrs Bradwell   [ updated 20 Oct 2014, 09:44 ]
On Friday 3rd October it was art day at Deepcar St John's. Years 3 and 5 were exploring structures and Years 4 and 6 were focusing on sewing.

Year 3:
During Art Day, Y3 learnt about Henry Moore, a Yorkshire sculptor. To learn more about his works of art, we studied and sketched some of his more famous pieces. Most of his sculptures are abstract. He uses bold shapes, and sometime irregular shapes in his designs. These make for thought provoking discussion. We spent some time looking at his sculptures, trying to decide what the sculpture may represent. From this, we have designed our own sculptures which will will be made from clay. Keep a look out for our final pieces of art as we will be sculpting them next week. 

Discussing Henry Moore                   Deconstructing Henry Moore                    Composing Henry Moore Sketches

Year 4:
Our focus for Art Day in Year 4 was textiles, which we linked to our Thematics topic 'The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings'. First of all we researched facts about a well-known piece of artwork from that period, 'The Bayeux Tapestry'. This was produced to record the events of the Norman invasion and included writing in Latin.

We then looked at another way of recording writing from that time, runes. We studied the Anglo-Saxon runic alphabet and wrote out our names in runes. This was then stitched into aida fabric using a variety of stitches to produce a bookmark. Finally we embellished our work with other stitches around the edges. Some of us needed to re-thread out needles many, many times! However we still enjoyed the day very much! 
Here are some of our finished pieces:

Runes Stitching              Y4 JS Art Day - Runes                   Runes Stitching

Year 5:
Our wire structures took their influence from Anthony Gormley. Although we could not construct anything quite so vast as the structures he constructed e.g. The Angle of the North and Exposure, we based our wire work on Apart V11. 

We constructed small wire squares covered in foil that were fixed to a wire human form.
Antony Gormley
It was tricky working with small pieces of wire and we had to be very safe and accurate. 
Whilst some of us in each group made the squares, others covered them in foil and some attached them to the final piece...just like a production line. We needed to change jobs regularly as using the wire cutters was hard on our hands. 

Year 6:
Using ideas gathered from Ancient Greek designs, we created our own modern Greek wall hangings of a Greek pot. We cut out designs from felt and joined them together using a variety of stitches including running stitch, over stitch and cross stitch. Some of us decorated our pots with Greek patterns. 

Running Stitch                          Over Stitch                         Cross Stitch