Mathletics Awards

Research shows that children learn best when they are appropriately recognised for their efforts. Children and teachers alike have found the Mathletics rewards system to be a fantastic way to foster motivation and engagement in Mathematics. Under this reward system, children are encouraged to work through Mathletics to gain points which accumulate to achieve certificates. 

So how does it work?


Points are awarded to children as they successfully complete Live Mathletics and Curriculum Content within Mathletics. Children gain points for each correct answer. The more correct answers – the more points!  The points contribute to their earning of certificates. 

Certificates are granted when a student earns 1000 points or more within one week. This encourages children to complete a healthy amount of work each week and rewards students for every week they practice. Students initially earn a Bronze Certificate, then a Silver Certificate once five Bronzes have been earned. With four Silver Certificates, a student then receives the much-coveted Gold Certificate, demonstrating their long-term commitment and developing ability20 consistent weeks of work = 1 Gold Certificate