Important Dates

16th April to 28th May 2018

Date and Time      Event      Being held 

24th and 25th May 2018 Year 6 residential - London 

28th May 2018 Spring Bank Holiday      School closed to children 

4th June 2018 School reopens to children 

5th June 2018 Open the Book assembly  

 In school 
12th June 2018 Photographer - Class photos     

14th June 2018 Marc Griffiths - Inspirational talk to children  In school 
21st June 2018 Year 3 summer camp                  Underbank and school 

25th June 2018 

DT day  In school  
27th June 2018                                             Whole school transition day  In school, year 6 to Stocksbridge   High School. 
28th June 2018 

Year 6 Transition day      Deepcar St John's Church 
3rd July 2018 - 4pm - 6pm 
4th July 2018 - 4pm - 7pm 
Parents' evening  School hall 
4th July 2018 - pm 

Summer Concert and 50th Anniversary celebrations  
12th July 2018 Year 6 Prom  School hall 

17th July 2018 - pm  

Summer Fayre  School grounds 
18th July 2018 

Year 6 - School Trip
18th July 2018 - pm 

Live Music Performance  In school 
19th July 2018 - am 

Sports Day - Morning  School grounds 
20th July 2018 

Last day of school.  

More events may be added during the course of the term.

Please also see our Events Page on our website, which gives more information on some of the events listed above. We also use our Facebook page as a way to remind parents, grandparents and carers of up and coming events and to share pictures of what we have been learning in school.