Online safety 

With the recent rise in Zoom usage during lockdown, National Online Safety have created a free guide so that parents & carers can ensure safe usage of the platform.

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This guide might prove helpful with children spending more time at home.

Kids are going to be using their phones more than ever right now. 🤳 The BBC Own It app has a special keyboard that gives them advice and guidance as they type, and a diary function where they can track how they are feeling. You can download it with them for free from the GooglePlay and Apple app store.

Balancing screen time in this current climate can be tricky - Internet Matters have produced this guide.

Balancing working from home and home learning can be hard. This guide provides some useful tips.…/

Are the kids spending more time gaming online? It’s easy to keep your family safe while online - check out Cyber Aware top tips:

This is a great resource from Thinkuknow, which is an educational programme which helps children understand the potential dangers that they face online. Pack 6, which has just been issued this week, helps children to understand the dangers of sharing information online.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Sheffield Health and Social Care. NHS Foundation Trust are launching a new 'Coping with COVID' course. The course has been specially designed to help support anyone who is feeling stressed, anxious or worried during the Coronavirus outbreak. We know how tough it is at the moment. It's not easy being away from your family and friends and not being able to do the things we normally would. That's made even worse if you're out of work or isolated on your own. Our new four-week course is run by our IAPT service and will look at things like calming our bodies, the importance of routine, sleep and how to manage worries. It's an online course so you can take part on your phone or laptop wherever you feel most comfortable - you can even be in bed! You'll hear from mental health professionals who can answer any questions you have. To book your place on the course all you need to do is call 0114 226 4380. You can find out more about the course here 👉 Please tag in anyone you know who is struggling and share with your friends and family.

Adopting good lifestyle and dietary habits is key to keeping our children healthy while at home 🧒💛 That's why in this weeks #homehealthandwellness blog our expert nutritionists have provided a list of ideas that you can incorporate into your children's day  Check it out here ➡️

Imagine there’s a bucket you carry with you which slowly fills up over time. A child’s emotional bucket is filled by positive interactions with another person. For example, complementing the child for something done well, asking the child’s opinion about something, offering the child options, and laughing together can all help to fill the bucket. When the bucket has enough inside of it, we can scoop water out when we need it without having a negative impact on our mental health. Buckets can also fill up when you experience different types of stress or anxiety. It's very important to find activities which help you and your child empty the bucket of stress and anxiety and keep it filled with positivity. Any guidance needed on this please get in touch.

Are you feeling lonely or socially isolated? Our telephone buddies are just a phone call away. Our network of telephone buddies are helping to keep individuals and communities connected, across the UK and beyond, by providing regular chats to anyone who needs it, whether due to Covid-19 or any other reason. You don’t need to be a Legion member, just get in touch and we will match you with a buddy in your area. 📞 0808 802 8080

Nice idea!

Many kids will be feeling very anxious right now and missing their friends, relatives and normal routine. This printable make-your-own book activity allows children to create their very own mini book featuring positive thoughts and messages to help them make sense of the current situation.…/7…/printable-stay-safe-kids-positive…

I wrote a story to help my primary class deal with lockdown and now it's been read 80,000 times, shared by the BBC and translated into Spanish and Italian. (German, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, British Sign Language, Irish Gaelic and Scots are on the way!)

Download and read for free

jWeb have put together a list of mental health resources for both children and adults with special needs.

Keep this resource pack handy if you need to access mental health or emotional support for you or someone in your family - and please let us know of any other services or support we can share with our community.

Weekly mental health and wellbeing resources and activities for children aged 3-11! Join us throughout the Summer term as we introduce one of 12 brand new superhero characters each week. Let our "Mental Health Heroes" teach your children their amazing superpowers, to help improve wellbeing and give children life-long skills. Download a range of resources to use at home or in the classroom.

Here are some mental health helplines and websites recommended by the NHS:

Anxiety UK - 03444 775 774 (Monday to Friday 9.30am - 5pm).

Mind - 0300 123 3393 (Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm).

Rethink Mental Illness - 0300 5000 927 (Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4pm).

Samaritans - 116 123 (24 hours).

Feeling anxious is nothing to be ashamed of, but learning some skills to help you manage your own anxiety will benefit your children.

The World Health Organisation has just released this book aimed at children aged between 6 and 11 years of age.…/09-04-2020-children-s-story-book-rele…

Parents and carers: Supporting kids at home can be hard work when they act out or can't manage their emotions. If that sounds familiar, this free booklet is gold dust It shares 9

ways of supporting children at home with their emotions and behaviour - so everyone enjoys more quality time together! Say goodbye to tantrums - and hello to happy, family time Download now for free (use the button below)

This is worth a read. Makes a lot of sense. Especially for younger children.…

Get advice on looking after your children's mental wellbeing from Every Mind Matters

Child Mind Institute

Aggression can be caused by many things. Here are seven common triggers.

FREE kids homeschooling workbook - Created by a fully qualified & experienced counsellor.

20 x positive mental health, wellbeing, intelligence, understanding (and much more), fun activity worksheets for boys & girls.…/free-kids-homeschooling-workb…

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When you’re a parent, self-care often slips to the bottom of the list. Taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury, it’s essential. During this difficult time, when children are home and stress is running high, it’s more important than ever. Here are five tips from the Child Mind Institute clinicians that can help.

Child Mind Institute

There’s no magic bullet that will make living through this crisis easy for single parents. But we’ve put together some advice from our experts to help support parents who are going it alone.…/single-parenting-during-the-corona…/

Teaching confidence, self esteem, resilience.

Sheffield Children's Hospital -

Helping children and young people cope with the information and changes related to the Coronavirus can be a huge challenge. From social distancing and quarantine to school closures and increased awareness of infection and hygiene – there is a lot to process for children and families. Our experts in children’s clinical psychology, speech and language therapy, and emotional wellbeing are building a collection of resources to make this process a little easier. We will be adding to this library every week, so check back on our website for more and keep an eye on our social media channels to find out what’s new.

You can find the first batch of resources on our website here:…/coronavirus-resour…/

The whole world is talking about the corona virus. What is happening in the world right now? Nurseries and schools have closed, and children are asking a lot of questions. ❓ This movie uses PLAYMOBIL to help explain in a way that children can understand what is happening right now, what we can all do to ease the situation, and why it so important to avoid contact with other children and adults. Watch Video on our YouTube Channel:


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Home isn’t always a safe place. Schools closing could put some children at greater risk of abuse and neglect. If you’re worried about a young person, or if you notice that something just doesn’t seem right, we are here. Our NSPCC Helpline team can offer free support and guidance on 0808 800 5000 (8am-10pm Mon-Fri / 9am-6pm weekends) or by email using

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Looking for online education resources? Our education team is aiming to provide teachers, parents and carers with engaging activities that will get young people thinking and debating animal issues whilst incorporating subjects such as science and PSHE. Our free resources are easy to access online from your home