Home Learning Spring 2021

Home Learning 

From Monday, 11th January, there will be online sessions following the timetable below for your child to access at home. Each online sessions with last up to 30 minutes. These sessions will cover instructions to activities that your child with then need to complete after the session. Parent./ children will then need to upload a photo of their completed work onto Seesaw. School staff will then approve and give feedback on this. Please ensure that any photographs taken are not blurred and are large enough for staff to read. A parents guide on Seesaw can be found by clicking on the following link. https://web.seesaw.me/parents. The next link will take you to the Seesaw log in page. https://web.seesaw.me/platforms

An overview of what will be covered during the week can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. 

Log in information for the daily zoom meetings will be emailed to you by your child's class teacher. A parents' guide to Zoom can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.



Subject area

Session 1

9.15-9.45am input

Follow up activities


Session 2

10.45am-11.15 input

Follow up activities

English (could include writing, spelling, reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)

Session 3

1.15pm-1.45pm input

Follow up activities

Theme, science, foundation subjects

There will be no Zoom input at 1.15pm on a Wednesday. This applies to all year groups. However, work will still be set for your child on Seesaw.

We are aware that parents may have issues if siblings both need a device to access online learning/zoom calls.  Is this is the case you may need to prioritise a different child on a daily basis. You will however be able to access all the activities on Seesaw.

We have a several chrome books in school that we can lend out to parents if you have internet access but no devices. Please contact the school office if you desperately need one. If these are damaged or broken you will have to pay for a replacement.

In addition to the daily zoom calls and activities that has been set by your child's teacher, we will also expect children to log on to First News, TT Rockstars and the Spelling Shed.

At the end of last year we sent home a book with each child with all their log in’s for different apps. Please contact us if you have since lost these books so we can ensure you have the details. If you need any help with passwords or accessing any of the systems, please email Mrs Pearce on the following email address and she will be able to help - n.pearce@deepcar-st-johns.sheffield.sch.uk

First News

In order to supplement children's learning at home during this difficult time, we have arranged  access to First News, an award-winning iHub which is an invaluable tool to engage children and help develop their core literacy skills through the exploration of global news stories. This online teaching tool is comprised of interactive weekly comprehensions, vocabulary puzzles, polls and debates based on stories in First News. 

Reading Comprehension: Each question encourages understanding, critical thinking, discussion and debate. Multiple choice questions give instant feedback to pupils.

Vocabulary Puzzles: Focus on developing pupils’ vocabulary in the context of a news story by analysing with instant feedback to support learning Each week, children earn points and on-line badges as they complete the tasks relating to the weekly updated news stories. .

All children should know their Login details for First News IHub.  The following link will take you to the log in page - https://ihub.firstnews.co.uk/pupils

Times Tables 

Practising times tables at home is really important. Knowing times tables facts really helps children to feel confident in Maths, and enables them to make progress in areas such as calculating, fractions… even shape work can involve times tables – when we think about angles, for example. The National Curriculum sets out expectations for times tables knowledge and states that by Year 4 children should be able to recall multiplication and division facts up to 12x12. Knowing the tables facts (including division) means having rapid recall – being able to say the answer within about eight seconds, not counting through the times tables to work it out. There are many online resources, TT Rockstars is a great online resource for children to use to practise their times tables. 

You can find a guide on TT Rockstars and how to use it at the bottom of this page.


All children should know their login details. The following link will take you to the TT Rockstars log in page - https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student/9800


What is The Spelling Shed?


Designed by educators, the Spelling Shed encourages the development of critical spelling awareness.  The Spelling Shed allows pupils to practise their weekly spellings, we well as previously taught spelling patterns and statutory words for their age group, using a variety of engaging and challenging activities.  They can earn points and certificates for continued interaction and correct responses in the games.


How to get the most out of it


Regular spelling practise helps children to build their vocabulary and feel more confident with their writing, allowing them to write more freely and imaginatively.   With your help and encouragement, your child can understand the importance of practising their spellings.  Ideally, pupils should spend a short time every day using either the 'look, cover, write, check' sheet or accessing the games and activities available on the Spelling Shed.  In addition to weekly set spellings, the more they use the program to revise previously learnt spelling patterns, the more confident they will feel in continuing to use these words in their every day writing. 

A parents guide on Spelling Shed can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. 

All children should know their login details.  This link will take you to the Spelling Shed log in page - https://www.edshed.com/en-gb/login?return_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.spellingshed.com%2Fen-gb%2F

A document detailing how we are going to provide remote education and our expectations can be found at the bottom of this page.

Mrs Pearce,
9 Jan 2021, 04:02
Mrs Pearce,
9 Jan 2021, 04:02
Mrs Pearce,
9 Jan 2021, 04:02