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We will keep you updated on all aspects of the COVID 19 situation including all the latest government advice.  

2020/21 Academic Year

1st April 2021 

Track and Trace Over Easter

As with previous holidays, school staff are expected to be involved in track and trace for positive Covid cases at the beginning of the school holidays. Therefore, some members of staff will be on call to work further days at the start of the Easter break. As school is closed for the holiday, it is likely that this will be managed by staff working from home.

Please follow the information below;

If your child has symptoms and then tests positive for Covid, you must inform us if they were in school the 48 hour period before the start of symptoms and symptoms developed ie before midnight on Saturday 3rd April 2021.

If your child is asymptomatic (no symptoms) but still tests positive you must inform us if they have been in school in the 48 hour period before the test was taken. In both cases this must be done by emailing both and

The information that you need to include; on your email is the following

• Child’s name
• Year group
• First date of symptoms
• List of symptoms
• Date of test
• Date received the positive result
• Contact telephone number if we need to contact you.
If your child has been in close contact or in a bubble with a positive case of Covid at school you will be informed by a text message. Your child would have to isolate for 10 days.
Thank you

Start and End Times

School will reopen following the latest COVID-19 operational guidance, which requires us to continue to maintain our bubble system, staggered timings throughout the school day and

restricted movement around the premises. Our pupils will be very familiar with these arrangements from the Autumn term. On Monday 8th March 2021, the timings for school will return to what they were before lockdown. Children need to arrive and leave via the same route as in Autumn term.

School Attendance

The Department for Education have stated that school attendance will be mandatory for all pupils from Monday 8th March 2021. This includes the ability for the Local Authority to issue sanctions, including fixed penalty notices. Please note: In circumstances where pupils cannot attend school due to COVID-19, for example they are self-isolating in line with public health advice, a specific code is used on your child’s register to ensure this non-attendance does not count as an absence (authorised or unauthorised).


We must all play our part in keeping each other safe, therefore, we would like to remind parents and children of the following points:

 Please adhere to the staggered times to minimise congestion at the school gate.

 Please social distance (i.e. stand at least two metres) from people you do not live with

 Collect/ drop off children and leave promptly

 Please ensure pavements are clear for children to approach the school gates safely without them having to pass you within two metres.

 Where it is difficult to stay two-metres apart, please wear face coverings.

 If entering the school boundaries please wear a face covering

 Please ensure your child does not arrive any earlier than their time slot as this can lead to groups of children congregating outside the school building. If Y6 are walking to school without an adult, please ensure they do not leave too early.

 Where timings for collecting siblings cross the schools, staff at Deepcar will supervise the elder child in the school car park until collection.

PE and Uniform

Children are required to wear correct school uniform. Please ensure they have their school sweatshirt/cardigans as classroom windows will be open to ensure rooms are ventilated. Children are required to wear their PE kit to school on the following days only:

Latest Covid-19 Guidance

The schools will continue to follow the guidance from the DfE and will to continue the bubbles and track and trace when necessary. Please do not send your child to school if:

 your child is presenting with any of the main symptoms of coronavirus

 anyone in your household is presenting with any of the main symptoms of coronavirus

 your child or anyone in your household is waiting for a test result

 your child or anyone in your household has tested positive for COVID-19

 your child has been identified as a contact of a person who has tested positive for COVID-19


The Government allocated schools with a catch-up premium grant to support children in their learning. The Lexia program has guaranteed proven impact on improving children’s reading skills and, using the grant, school paid nearly £4,000 for licenses. However, reports are showing that the children accessing this program are mainly the children in school. Can we ask parents/ carers to please ensure your child logs onto Lexia for at least 10 minutes a day. Children should be able to be independent using this program. we understand it is something else for you to set up for your child alongside all the activities however, it really is important. We shall monitor this and if children are not using it we will have to change the license to children in school for the foreseeable future.

Lateral Flow testing of school staff

You may have seen in the press that school staff have been asked to test for coronavirus twice a week. If the tests arrive we will be starting w/c 25th January. Staff will be using lateral flow devices which give quick results. By testing they will be helping to reduce the spread in school settings through asymptomatic transmission. Up to one third of people who have coronavirus are asymptomatic and have no symptoms.
We have been very fortunate so far in not having to shut ‘bubbles’ and we are hoping that this continues.
However, parents of children currently in school need to be aware that they may have a very short notice period to sort childcare out. Please keep checking your emails and text messages every day, even during the evenings for notifications.
If a bubble closes your child will need to isolate at home for 10 days. Parents would at that point not have to isolate. If your child then developed symptoms the whole family would have to isolate and your child would need to have a test.
We are really hoping that these additional tests will have very limited impact on what we are currently offering but you need to be aware of potential issues.

Please bear with us and thank you for your continued support in these difficult times.
Thank you.

The schools latest Covid 19 risk assessment can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. 

Photos from the March lockdown - March 2020 




Thank you to everyone who took part in my Signs of Hope photography competition.

I have loved receiving your photos and reading about why the photos mean 'Hope' to you all. It has been so hard to judge a winner, as I think everyone's photo is a true sign of hope in its own way. I've printed all your photos and staff at St John's have helped me choose a winner.

1st Place - Joe
2nd Place - Ben
3rd place - Oscar































































































































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