Covid 19 - News & Information

We will keep you updated on all aspects of the COVID 19 situation including all the latest government advice.  

2020/21 Academic Year

25th January - Year 3 and 4 parents only.

From Monday 25th  there will be a slight change to how Y3 and Y4 will be taught in maths. There will be two teachers out of our current Y3/Y4 staff teaching maths each week. One will teach the Y3 pupils online and another will teach Y4 pupils online. This means that on Monday you will need to look out for codes to the Zoom sessions and check that you are entering the correct session. The Zoom codes will be sent out on Monday morning.

Week commencing 25 January 2021 Miss Danks will be teaching Y3 pupils and Miss Steward will be teaching Y4 pupils. 

The teachers will then be on a rota in the subsequent weeks teaching the year groups. The other Zoom sessions will be taught as they are currently by your child’s class teacher.

Thank you

Friday 22nd January 


We have now purchased an improved version of Seesaw which should reduce staff workload.  The change will take place from Monday 25th January.  This shouldn’t affect the version you see at home and work should smoothly transfer across. 

However, there is a need to issue each child with new login details. The new login codes will be sent out during the course of today. 

Please bear with us should there be any technical issues. Any queries regarding passwords and access to systems should be emailed to 

Thank you.

Lateral Flow testing of school staff

You may have seen in the press that school staff have been asked to test for coronavirus twice a week. If the tests arrive we will be starting w/c 25th January. Staff will be using lateral flow devices which give quick results. By testing they will be helping to reduce the spread in school settings through asymptomatic transmission. Up to one third of people who have coronavirus are asymptomatic and have no symptoms.
We have been very fortunate so far in not having to shut ‘bubbles’ and we are hoping that this continues.
However, parents of children currently in school need to be aware that they may have a very short notice period to sort childcare out. Please keep checking your emails and text messages every day, even during the evenings for notifications.
If a bubble closes your child will need to isolate at home for 10 days. Parents would at that point not have to isolate. If your child then developed symptoms the whole family would have to isolate and your child would need to have a test.
We are really hoping that these additional tests will have very limited impact on what we are currently offering but you need to be aware of potential issues.

Please bear with us and thank you for your continued support in these difficult times.
Thank you.

Thursday 21st January 

The Sheffield City Council School Swimming team have pulled together some fun swimming activities for children to complete at home. They include water safety worksheets, a word search and other puzzles created by swimming teachers, videos of some swimming skills that pupils can practice in their own home, and Swim England’s home-school activity sheets. These activities are suitable for children in Year 1 to Year 6. They can colour, spot dangers or even practice their swimming skills in their living room!


The information can be found on our website or you can click the links below;


Swim England home-schooling resources

Tuesday 19th January

A document detailing how we are going to provide remote education and our expectations can be found at the bottom of this page.

Monday 18th January 

Thank you for your patience and support over the past couple of weeks. This is just a general update. 

Vulnerable Children and Children of Critical Workers - Provision in school. 

This is proving our greatest challenge from a staff capacity point of view. We are aware that large numbers of our families require child care in order to do their own jobs and obviously we are committed to ensuring places are available. At present we have approximately half of the parents at school entitled to emergency care as critical workers. Thank you to those parents who are supporting the school and managing their children using support bubbles and also working at home whilst teaching their children. 

1. Provision for children will be in a class of around 15-20 children however children will mix in Y3/Y4 and Y5/Y6 bubbles at playtimes and lunchtimes. 

2. Bubbles will be supervised by support staff and children will complete the same learning that is set as online/home learning. 

3. We will try to remain as flexible as possible with regards to critical worker shift patterns. 

4. Unfortunately, due to staff capacity, we are unable to offer places to parents of children with SEND who do not meet the safeguarding criteria. 

Zoom meetings with class teachers 

Zoom is an online conferencing software that we will use to provide three times a day, live, face-to-face sessions for each class. Feedback from the Spring was that children missed the opportunity to see their teachers and their peers and we hope that these sessions are helpful. It also gives all children access to high quality teaching input. These sessions will be followed up with activities set on Seesaw. Home Learning Overviews can be found on our website link ( ). The weekly overview for each year group is then available at the bottom of the page. With any live session, we are reliant on children behaving appropriately and we ask that you reaffirm this with your child prior to the meetings. The teachers went through the expectations last Monday with the children. The PowerPoint can be found at the bottom of this page. Children need to be sitting up, dressed and ready to learn each day. Each session will be approximately 30 minutes long and will have to end promptly. With any new initiative, there may be teething issues so please bear with us. Please contact if you are experiencing any issues.


Staff will endeavour to provide feedback on Seesaw on as many lessons as possible. Not all work sent in will have comments some will just be approved. If the teachers have sent through the answers for children to mark, this is self assessment and we expect the children to mark and correct their work before uploading a photo of their work. When staff have made comments about how children need to improve their work please support your child to complete this improvement work and add onto Seesaw. Please try not to add work onto Seesaw after 5pm. There will undoubtedly be technical issues. Please bear with us. We are in the process of purchasing an improved version of Seesaw which should reduce staff workload as it has addition functions. This shouldn’t affect the version you see at home and work should smoothly transfer across. 

Hard copies of activities 

We are asking all children to access the learning online rather than providing hard copies at present. We feel that through the Seesaw app and having their exercise books, children can access the work better and teachers may alter the content of the lessons based on their assessment. This would not be possible if weekly booklets were issued as they were in the last lockdown. All parents have been asked whether they have access to the internet and a device to access Seesaw. Please contact the school office if you do not. 

Home Learning Expectations 

Some parents have explained that, due to their circumstances, it may be difficult for their child to access all of the home learning. This is absolutely fine. The feedback from the last lockdown was that some children would have benefitted from more interaction and live learning and this is what we have put in place. We are legally obliged to provide 4 hours of online learning which is progressive and moves children’s learning on. We totally appreciate that this may have a consequence to parents. If your family feel that this is too much, please prioritise the reading, writing and maths sessions and do what you can. Unfortunately with so many families this is an occasion where we cannot please everyone but parents can choose how much is suitable for their particular circumstances. We are very aware that we have a wide variety of family circumstances within our community and appreciate the need for flexibility. 


Please can you send any queries about home learning to the school office or contact Nicola Pearce at especially if your query links to log in details or technical issues. You can also send messages direct to class teachers on Seesaw. Teachers will respond to queries as soon as possible.

Positive COVID results 

Please can you ensure that if your child is still attending school that the same procedure applies in informing us over any positive tests or close contacts. Please can we also remind you that if your child or anyone in your household displays symptoms they must have a test and self isolate until the test result comes back (then follow NHS guidance). Survey I will send out a survey for parents to provide constructive feedback over the next week. The staff and myself would like to thank parents for all the extremely positive comments and support we have received since lockdown was announced. We have had parents contact Ofsted to praise what we are doing. We are all very grateful. Thank you! I can’t promise that there won’t be further hurdles to overcome but I can promise that we have a committed team who are all working hard to do our absolute best to make our provision either in school or online the best it can possibly be.  

Monday 11th January 

At the bottom of this page you can view a Power Point that your child will have seen in today's first Zoom call at 9.15 this morning.  If your child is in school this will be shared with them as required. We are aware that some children were unable to join this mornings Zoom meetings so we are sending this to parents to ensure that you are aware of the schools expectations whilst children are on Zoom calls or completing home learning tasks.

Friday 8th January

As I am sure you can appreciate, our office staff are currently very busy. To help reduce their workload, If you have any problems or questions about passwords or logging into different applications, can you email these queries to the following email address. Mrs Pearce will then get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Tuesday 5th January 

Home learning, FSM and critical worker update  – Deepcar St John’s

Staff have all been in school today working very hard, They are a brilliant team and we are very lucky to have such a hard working staff.  You need to know that they will all be working incredibly hard over this lockdown.  The teachers would much rather have all the children in school. Remote/online learning is more work than having all the children in school every day. Please do not expect all work to be marked on a daily basis.

Home Learning 

From Monday 11th January, there will be online sessions following the timetable below for children to access. The online sessions will be short and last up to 30 minutes each. These sessions will be introductions to activities that children will need to complete. Parents/ children will then need to upload their work via  photo when completed to Seesaw. Staff will then approve / mark this. Please ensure that the photos are not blurred and are big enough for the teacher to view. An email from your child's class teacher will be sent containing the details for the zoom meetings. 




Subject area

Session 1

9.15-9.45am input

Follow up activities


Session 2

10.45am-11.15 input

Follow up activities

English (could include writing, spelling, reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)

Session 3

1.15pm-1.45pm input

Follow up activities

Theme, science, foundation subjects

There will be no Zoom call at 1.15pm on a Wednesday. However, we will still be setting a task for them to complete on Seesaw.

At the end of last year we sent home a book with each child with all their log in’s for different apps. Please contact us if you have since lost these books so we can ensure you have the details.

We have a several chrome books in school that we can lend out to parents if you have internet access but no devices. Please contact the school office if you desperately need one. If these are damaged or broken you will have to pay for a replacement.

Weekly home learning grid will be uploaded on to the home learning section of our website. If you do not have internet access can you also please contact school so we can print off packs for you to collect.

We are aware that parents may have issues if siblings both need a device to access online learning/zoom calls.  Is this is the case you may need to prioritise a different child on a daily basis. You will however be able to access all the activities on seesaw.

Free school meal children

The current information is that you can collect a weekly hamper outside the school.  We have been in touch with the families this offer applies to today. If vouchers become available again we will let you know in due course.

Critical Worker/ Vulnerable Children

Children that are in school as a child of a critical worker or classed as vulnerable. We are hoping that they can join the online session and complete tasks but this will be dependent on staffing issues.

Monday 4th January 

School closure

I am sure you will have all heard the Prime ministers announcement regarding school closures this evening. This starts with immediate effect and will impact on school opening tomorrow.

Firstly, can I please ask for your patience and understanding whilst the school has to adapt very quickly to these changes and set up our remote learning planning. If you believe you fill one of the criterias (the guidance was updated on 31 st December 2020) please bring your child to school at the usual staggered start time.

They will also finish at their usual time. During the day tomorrow we will look at the critical worker survey and put further plans into action. Children that can attend school tomorrow are children that fit into the following two categories

1. Vulnerable children and young people

Vulnerable children and young people include those who:

 are assessed as being in need under section 17 of the Children Act 1989, including children and young people who have a child in need plan, a child

protection plan or who are a looked-after child

 have an education, health and care (EHC) plan

 have been identified as otherwise vulnerable by educational providers or local authorities (including children’s social care services), and who could therefore

benefit from continued full-time attendance, this might include:

 children and young people on the edge of receiving support from children’s social care services or in the process of being referred to children’s services

 adopted children or children on a special guardianship order

 those living in temporary accommodation

 those who are young carers

 those who may have difficulty engaging with remote education at home (for example due to a lack of devices or quiet space to study)

·         those who are young carers

·         those who may have difficulty engaging with remote education at home (for example due to a lack of devices or quiet space to study)

·         care leavers

·         others at the provider and local authority’s discretion including pupils and students who need to attend to receive support or manage risks to their mental health


1.    Children of critical workers

A list of these were sent out earlier this evening.  If parents fit into these categories can you please respond to the survey that was sent out today or get in touch.


For all other children, the school is closed until further notice.  We will be in touch tomorrow morning with our remote learning plans for children learning at home.


Thank you for your support during these difficult times.


Airing Classrooms

It is vital that we air classrooms during the course of the day. At both break and lunch times the classroom windows and doors will be opened wide to let fresh air travel through the space. It is essential that your child comes to school dressed prepared for this, especially as the temperatures outside have dropped recently. Please ensure that your child wears layers under their uniform to ensure that they are warm enough whist at school.

End of day

If you cannot make your child's pick up time due to collecting another child at Royd, the class teacher will remain with their class in the school car park until you arrive. Parents please control younger siblings whilst waiting outside the school gate. We understand that parents are collecting children from Royd and then need to wait for older siblings but younger children should be standing with the parents. Please bring something to occupy them while they are waiting.

Parents that are waiting also need to ensure social distancing at all times.

If there are any issues with timings please do give us a call.

We have produced a Covid 19 absence guide for parents. This can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Thank you.

The schools latest Covid 19 risk assessment can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. 

Photos from the March lockdown - March 2020 




Thank you to everyone who took part in my Signs of Hope photography competition.

I have loved receiving your photos and reading about why the photos mean 'Hope' to you all. It has been so hard to judge a winner, as I think everyone's photo is a true sign of hope in its own way. I've printed all your photos and staff at St John's have helped me choose a winner.

1st Place - Joe
2nd Place - Ben
3rd place - Oscar































































































































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