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Our Ethos and Values

Deepcar St John's is very much a community school with most children coming from the local area of Deepcar and Stocksbridge. However, some children do commute from out of our catchment area. We want our school to be a happy, caring, challenging and purposeful place for all who enter. We think that children will learn best when they are happy at their work. We aim to give each child interesting and relevant work with School viewed from the fieldpositive feedback.
Boy shooting basketball

We know that children who learn best are those who are attentive, enthusiastic, kind, polite and respectful. Developing these habits supports children in becoming independent and knowledgeable.

As a church school, St John’s works with confidence from a Christian foundation to provide the best possible education for its pupils. We believe in encouraging children to succeed academically, socially and to be able to become responsible citizens.


We uphold:

Telling the truth
Keeping promises
Respecting the rights and property of others
Acting considerately towards others
Helping those less fortunate and weaker than others
Taking personal responsibility for our actions

We reject and will be proactive in confronting

Racism, sexism or similar practices which discriminate against minority groups
Bullying and cruelty
Cheating, deceit and irresponsibility